MONSTER Burger (had to share)

Up here in Southern Ontario, we’ve FINALLY gotten a bit of summer heat, and it feels great. I made dinner last night and had to do up a BBQ to celebrate, and I made the best burger of my life.

I had to take a pic and share it, I imagine it rating up there with seeing my first child born.

It was super tasty – and absolutely HUGE. Here’s what it looked like:


Here’s what was on the burger:

  1. Grass-fed, organic ground beef (I only eat grass-fed beef from a local farm to avoid pesticides, hormones, & toxins)
  2. Bacon (kinda counteracts the healthy beef but I rarely eat it LOL)
  3. Lettuce
  4. Tomato
  5. Brick cheese
  6. Roasted red peppers
  7. Pickles
  8. Dijon mustard
  9. Diana’s BBQ sauce
  10. Sauteed mushrooms w/touch of Tamari (gives mushrooms amazing flavour)
  11. BBQ’d white onions
  12. Spices in the beef: montreal steak, oregano, thyme, fresh ground black pepper, touch of cayenne

This was a 2 patty behemoth – so I couldn’t really fit the whole thing in my mouth. Oh and there were some fresh cut baked potato chips on the side.

Do you have any ridiculous meals that you’ve put together? If so, share with us by leaving a comment.


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chad leonhardt
chad leonhardt

Where are you geting your beef ? That is what kind of store sells area grown beef ? I live in a city, could prob find if drove for a while, but I don’t know!! does it make that big of a diff. nutrition wise ?


I get my beef from a local farm… Basically you’ve got to find some farms in your area and contact them to see if they raise their cows on grass/pasture, then see if they’ll sell you parts. I usually buy 1/8th of a cow for about $5 a pound, and I share it with family/friends.

In terms of nutrition value – there’s less crap in the meat, since the cows are eating what they’re supposed to eat – grass. Not soy, corn, or sawdust.

It’s like a human – who’s meat would you rather eat, someone who exercises, eats healthy, and takes care of themselves, or an obese person’s meat?

chad leonhardt
chad leonhardt

Man, looks great, sounds great!! but my question is did you finish it off ? It’s huge in the pic.


Oh yeah I finished it… and part of my girlfriend’s too… 🙂