Monkey Momentum

This exercise not only allows you to act like a primate, it also improves 3 areas:

1) Grip strength
2) Neuromuscular control
3) Shoulder flexibility

Give it a shot (oooh ooohs and aah aahhs are optional):

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I tried it this morning. It was very challenging for me but fun. The challenge was not giving into the tendency to use my arms for the momentum. I could only get 5 minutes in though. Thanks for the video.


Hi Eric

can you do it on a chin up bar .beside keep up the good work very interesting especially the Canadian flag and blu jays t shirt one day I visit Canada I want to meet you

Ian Kerner
Ian Kerner

Should you be keeping the shoulders in their sockets or relax them?

Eric Wong

Try to relax your shoulder muscles but keep a good grip. The shoulder muscles will never fully relax if you do this.