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This is a week where things start to get into a groove. I usually feel more comfortable getting into the gym, as well as the nutrition side of things is all getting sorted out.

Lets get into that a little bit. Nutrition… most people think, “Hey, I’m going to hit the gym everyday, why don’t I have a 6-pack?” Well nutrition is almost the guaranteed reason why 90% of those folks out there that hit the gym daily don’t have one. At this point, I do not either, but that’s because I was a little sidetracked prior to hitting up my 8WO. I am back on the train now. I have my cheat day, that Eric gives us. However, I like to call them earned meals, like my good buddy Mike Dolce told me about.

The workouts this week were fairly straight forward, as they were almost the same as 8WO, but with different reps. I added a few things though. Following my strength workouts, I do a couple sets of biceps on Day 1 and triceps on Day 2. I guess this is just the wannabe bodybuilder side of me, wanting to keep those muscles engaged, as there aren’t a ton of arm exercises at this point.

The one aspect of the workouts that i find challenging this week are not the strength days, but instead the LIVE Sparring day. That added 10 seconds is a bit of a mind blast. I believe it’s not the body that is not capable of that extra 10 seconds, but your mind is not used to it. Keep your mind in check and push your way right to the end.

I forgot to mention in my previous post that I am a road bike rider as well. Every year I do the BC Cancer Foundation’s Ride to Conquer Cancer and this coming year will be the 5th time a ride. I do this because cancer has played a huge role in the life I live today. Enough about that, I was only mentioning this, as I ride my bike to and from work every day as well, which is an added workout in itself.

Well there is 7WO. Next week I will throw up a few other goodies for you to dig your teeth into.

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8 years ago

I did not know we get a cheat day. Wahooooooo, look out brownies! Way to go on ride to conquer Wouldn’t think 10 extra sec would be a factor, guess I will plug that into routine. thx for posting..

8 years ago
Reply to  Darren

Any time Darren. How is your routine coming?