Meet Chazz. This is his story.

Chazz is one of my powerDOJO Kyoudai.

He’s been a member for a long time now.

One of the things I encourage the Kyoudai do is participate in the Forum – share their training logs, talk about their successes and get help to deal with obstacles and challenges in their lives, not just fitness.

fireman-rescueThat’s how we know that Chazz is a Firefighter.

You know, those guys that signed up to run into burning buildings if there are people inside to carry them out to safety.

They’re the same ripped guys that put out those calendars every year.

Well, he recently posted why he’s been a little inactive in the powerDOJO Forum (we call it the MASTERMIND) lately, and he’s got a damn good reason.

I’m not going to talk much about it and instead, share what he wrote, but I will say this…

It’s clear why he’s chosen to be a firefighter as his career, his story shows just how self-less he is and how much he cares for others.

I’ve posted it without edits – please read it in its entirety and feel free to respond to him in the Comments below with any ideas about how he can achieve his goal.

– Eric

P.S. Keep your eyes open for more about this great story.



So hopefully you’ve all noticed a drop off in my comment participation lately. My workouts haven’t been as consistent either; I’d like to think when I get in the gym I still get it in though. So I vaguely hinted in one of my WO trackers that I was working on something. So let me go ahead and throw it out there.

About the beginning of the summer I had a friend from my fire recruit class pass away.

He was in a motorcycle accident which
caused the car to rollover onto him,
and he was declared on scene.

Since then I spent alot of time helping his family where I could. Personally what really chapped my ass was his father wasn’t around during his youth. He was pretty much raised by his mother. So when he died he had a child who was just about to turn one. He had all the plans in the world for his son. He was going to get married to his son’s mother, he was building the life for his kid that he never had. Ask @Eric who is currently feeling all those emotions to the fullest…all other life accomplishments aside…that’s what life is all about right there. Now he’s gone.

In the process of caring for my brother’s family, the way I know he would have done for mine, this constantly rang through my mind. So I decided I wanted to do everything in my power to help fulfill his dream in his absence. I talked it out with my wife and she agreed it was worth pursuing. So I began to come up with how to manifest this dream. I took my rough idea to the family and his closest advisers and got the green light to begin working on it.

Enough suspense…here’s my idea.

I am trying to create an annual event to help raise
money for Ethan; the son of Garrett Greene…
recently deceased firefighter, father, and friend.

I knew I wanted it to be something physical because I wanted the participation of my other brothers in the department. Typically that would be a 5k or something like that. However if there is one thing I recall from the academy neither Garret nor myself were “runners.” In fact I’m pretty sure we both had a particular disdain for running. Plus, a 5k attracts a certain type of athlete that probably already had plans to do a 5k every year. I want to draw a much bigger crowd and much more diverse kind of athlete. So my friend from high school just recently opened a crossfit gym called Grounded Crossfit. So I talked it over with him, and bam I have my event. I’m attempting to put on a Crossfit tournament next year. I think I’m gonna call it either The G2 Gauntlet or Greenes Gauntlet. (G2 is for Garret Greene)

I want a couple different divisions competing. Something along the lines of pro, amateur, and a kids division. The pro would be like hardcore crossfitters who train year round. The amateur would be your athletic breed of firefighters (and anyone really who isn’t 100% COMFORTABLE with just jumping into a crossfit event), and the kids would complete the family environment that I want to promote; and hopefully draw a much bigger “cheering” section of people who drop $5 bucks just to get in the door and see there husband, wife, and or kids get all hulk for a day.

I also got the go ahead from the gym owners to throw a big ass barbeque at the end of the competition to end the day. They also agreed to host the event at their gym, and create the program to compete with. So I’m scheduled to have a followup meeting with the family soon, and thus far I have an event, a place, trainers who specialize in crossfit and kids development, and essentially a rough plan to manifest the whole thing. Ideally for the future I would like a few things to come of this. First and foremost I would like this to actually be an annual event, second I would like the money from this event to at a minimum replace the lost income of Ethan’s father, at a maximum I would love nothing more than to put Ethan through college, and finally somewhere down the road I would like to create a foundation that would offer the same opportunity to the children of other fallen firefighters.

Thus far the gravity of my dream has been weighing on me. So my goal has been to think about it everyday, and do something to work towards it every day. As a matter of fact in the next couple days I plan on taking my 9 year old son in to the gym, and letting him do a little work with the trainers so hopefully he can start brain storming on the kids division. My goal is not to frighten people, but instead create a healthy competitive environment for all. It’s not so much about who wins, but how we all compete. So essentially that’s my “fight” that I’m training for. Some of you may have noticed the one or two crossfit workout’s I put in my tracker now you know why.

So hopefully that answers the question posted in my title…and maybe a few more for those who actually wondered. So now that it’s out there in the forumn I’d like to ask all my brothers fro any help, advise, etc that you have to give. I do mean any!

Between logistics, fundraising, my own personal athletic preparation, marketing, the list goes on….

I know I am overwhelmed and am just trying to take it step by step so my mind, body, and soul stays calm.

I know I can do this…

I’m not entirely sure how yet. I will get there, but the more mentors I have in the process the more this process will feel like a trial of self character and not trail and error. Thanks for listening, and please feel free to reach out if you think you can support me at all in this. I will need it.


Hey, Eric again…

I just wanted to encourage you to share any ideas you may have to help Chazz out, or if you’re in the Burtonsville, Maryland area, connect with him by leaving your email in the Comments below.

Thanks for listening!

– E

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charles "the texas scorpion" rushing

i think its amazing what you are doin as

a former kickboxer and mma fighte i would be wiiling to come there and either do a self defense seminar or even a exhibition fight if we could find a opponent willing and all youd have to do is get me there and give a place to stay i wouldnt charge anything other than maybe food for the time im there it definitely a cause worth fightin for or teachin for let me know if i can help god bless u for what you are doin you can contact me on my sxoroion mixed martial arts facebook page send me a message and we can go from there SOME THINGS ARE WORTH FIGHTIN FOR AND THIS IS ONE OF THOSE MORE IMPORTANT THAN MONEY!r

Michael Van den Bossche
Michael Van den Bossche
6 years ago

Tons of respect and wishing well! Let’s see how we can help you man!

6 years ago

Hey Chazz, you rock and will help sharing the event on social net! Peace out, Pinto