Medicine Ball Training for MMA

If you’ve been reading my stuff or watching my videos, you probably know that I’m a huge fan of medicine ball training.

The 2 biggest reasons why I love medicine ball training for MMA is because:

  1. You can throw the ball, which allows you to train at max velocity (other tools like dumbbells or kettlebells you have to slow down and control)
  2. You can train all 3 planes of motion, especially the transverse plane, to develop your body in a way that’s very specific to what you need in mixed-martial arts

I’ve just posted 22 different exercises (plus more variations of each) in the members area on this site.

Go check them out here:

=> Medicine Ball Exercise Library

(Note: You need to register to see the vids, don’t worry, registration is FREE)

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7 years ago

Hi eric could you please fix the link thanks