Master the Art of Breathing

If you read a lot of the articles and advice talking about how much you should eat, different experts have different opinions.

With respect to calories, the bottom line is that it can’t be determined by anyone other than you. You’ve got to notice the effects of how you’re eating on your body.

If you’re gaining fat week after week or have crazy energy level changes right after a meal, you’ve got to notice what you’ve been doing and make changes and notice what happens to you when you make those changes consistent.

egg-mcmuffin-fruitHere’s a pic of a recent breakfast of mine:

Now, if you compare this to the typical advice given by top sports nutritionists, you’d think that I was undereating calorie-wise, I didn’t eat enough protein and I’m probably losing muscle mass.

They often say you need to eat 2 eggs and 6 egg whites in the morning and a couple pieces of fruit, and eat like that 6 times a day.

Well, the bottom line for my body is that I’ve been eating like this for years now, and the facts are:

  • Maintain body fat ~ 6-7%, weight ~ 170 lbs @ 6′ tall
  • Gained strength and improved my fitness year-over-year
  • Never get sick

You’ll often hear WHAT to eat, but you’ll almost never, ever hear HOW to eat to get the best results.

Well here’s a HOW that is so important to you from a performance, health, and MONEY-SAVING point of view:

Nutrition-itsu Principle #4 – Master the Art of Breathing

This is a simple principle I teach in my Nutrition-itsu program (you get this when you order my Ultimate MMA Strength & Conditioning Program or MMA Ripped).

What it’s all about is taking the time to breathe when you’re eating. When you take the time to breathe as opposed to ‘choke’ food down, a few things happen:

fireYou give your body time to tell you it’s full, limiting over-eating and improving digestion because your system doesn’t have to handle a huge load of food, backing the system up.

Think about it – when you’re driving on the highway when there’s too many cars on the road, what happens? Exactly – traffic, gridlock, and stress. Same thing when you cause too much ‘traffic’ in your digestive system.

You give your body oxygen, which is needed in every chemical reaction to break food down to produce energy. Think of your metabolism as a fire. How do you get a fire burning hot? That’s right – you fan it, blow on it, or find some other way to give it more oxygen. Same thing goes for your metabolic fire.

So what this all means to you is that you’ll digest more effectively so you don’t need to eat as much to get more out of the food you are eating.

I’ve had clients get rid of problems like heartburn, gas, bloating, and indigestion simply using this one principle.

Plus, your metabolism will be fired up, helping to provide you with lots of energy and helping you stay lean.

This tip is FREE for you to implement right away and will give you these benefits and more. Focus on the HOW, and you’ll get more out of whatever the WHAT is.

Let me know your thoughts, results if you use this, or if you have another TIP to share with us.

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Pro Fitness Blog
11 years ago

Nice article,

Just eat slower and take time to breathe, its genius


11 years ago

Sounds interesting, I’ll try it and let u know what i think. Thanks……