Jeff Joslin’s MMA QuickStart Training Program

My good friend, coach, BJJ Black Belt, ex-UFC fighter and all-around cool dude Jeff ‘The Inferno’ Joslin just released his brand-new MMA QuickStart Training program.

He’s got the typical long web page that makes your eyes go numb while reading them (I’m guilty of it too, sorry), so I decided to shoot a quick video where I interrogate him about the program and get him to tell you exactly what it’s all about.

Check it out here, then go to to grab it while it’s still on sale (and if you’re a VIP subscriber to my newsletter, a special freebie).


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9 years ago

When I was in my 20’s I studied BJJ and kickboxing at a school but am now in my 30’s and don’t have the time to drive 20 km to the nearest “Credible” mma gym. I kept up the training at home, even creating a mini gym with mats, heavy bag and double end bag. I thought my striking was good, until I started breaking down my body mechanics after watching Jeff’s vids on stance, head movement, etc. Even after only a few days-Holy crap I can punch A LOT harder. It’s gonna take some time to relearn everything, but I’d rather be doing it right than doing it the way I learned from my kickboxing coach. It really is the difference between hitting someone… and knocking him out. You might only get one punch in a fight, better make it a good one. I picked this program up because… Read more »

9 years ago
Reply to  JasonBenson

Thanks for the comments Jason – Jeff’s instructionals are very, very good, much better than 98% of the stuff out there.