Jack of all trades. Master of NONE.

The quote from the title came to my head as I was reading through some questions I got last week.

I interpret the quote to mean that the higher the level of mastery you desire is, the more time and energy you must dedicate to it.


That also means that the fewer things you’ve got going on, the more time and energy you can dedicate to mastery of what it is you want to master.

So, the question that spurred my thoughts came from my man Jacob from the US of A about my CAGE Cardio Bodyweight program:

“Does the program help develop muscle and strength on top of the cardio?

It looks like a great program:-)

I’m in the process of moving my family so the short bodyweight workout sounds perfect.

Especially because all my weights will be in storage for a bit.”

It’s a good question because whenever you see workout and fitness advertising and marketing, the descriptions often say things like:

Build Muscle! Burn Fat! Increase
Strength, Power, Cardio AND Speed!
Improve Your Math! Make Your Dog
AND Woman Finally Listen To You!

Look familiar?

Here’s the thing – these claims are TRUE…


When you’re all rosy-cheeked and new to training, you can build muscle, burn fat, increase your strength, power and cardio all at the same time.

When you first start acting more confident, both your dog and woman will take notice and take you more seriously.

[As for the math thing – unless you’re Asian, work with what god gave you. ;)]

However, once the honeymoon period is over (anywhere from 4-10 months of consistent training), doing all-in-one workouts with no clear focus will bring your gains to a screeching halt.

So the answer to Jacob’s question is simple…

CAGE Cardio will help you improve your cardio and build muscle and gain strength…

If you’re a beginner.

But once you pass that stage of your training life, the program is designed specifically to drastically improve your conditioning especially for MMA or any martial art and that’s my promise to you.

I don’t market my programs to beginners using all the hype and claims that many others do.

I market my programs to those who appreciate the fact that I respect their intelligence and want to follow a scientific approach without needing a university degree in science to understand it.

So if you follow what I write and publish, that says a lot about you and YOU are who I like to work with.

The rest of the sheep are free to buy into the hype and fluff and try all the new tricks while going nowhere.

We’ll just continue to be patient and do our thing and make consistent, measurable progress.

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6 years ago

Completely agree. I’ve fell sucker to this hype before only to be disappointed later.
Your programs are great, I’m back again on the MMA strength and conditioning program and it’s still tough!

P.S. I feel like my math does improve as I write a lot of numbers down, and am half asian