Get JACKED with only ONE workout!

I was working with a client today and he showed me a sample of a new supplement that the rep at the supplement shop gave him with his protein powder. Here’s a pic:

He asked me, “Should I take this, is it any good?”

I looked at the package for about 2 whole seconds before I replied, “No way!”

First of all, this stuff is from a company I’ve never heard about. Now I’m not a huge supplement guy, but ‘Gaspari Nutrition’ doesn’t sound like a name that I would trust. Maybe the marketing department should rethink that name.

Second of all, here are the claims from CLINICAL TRIALS:

  • Increase lean mass in one workout
  • Causes rapid and measurable full muscle pumps
  • Reduces percentage of body fat

And the non-clinically trialed claims:

  • Promtes intense mental focus, maximum energy, and superior strength
  • Enhances full body vascularity

Oh yeah, each bullet point has an exclamation point at the end.

I’m not even going to go into the ingredients, but needless to say, it’s full of stuff I can’t pronounce and have no idea if the list is in English or a mix of Czech and Japanese.

The reason why I wanted to post this is because the supplement industry is probably the shadiest industry within the whole health and fitness realm and that this SuperPump250 is the pinnacle of b-s marketing hype.

Because of this hype, my recommendations are to keep it simple: eat natural foods, supplement with some quality protein powder, and take fish oil. Sure, there are more details, but that’s my plan, and if you don’t like it, go talk to the guys at Gaspari Nutrition as I’m sure they’ll have something to turn you into the Anderson Silva-Killer in 18 hours or less!

Train smart,

Eric Wong, BSc, CSCS
Author, The Ultimate MMA Strength and Conditioning Program


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11 years ago

Gaspari is actually one of the more well known reputable companies in the United States and has moved into canada recently but it is actually more reputable then most supplement companies you would find to be fair….if I had to choose a company to go with id fastest go with this one over many others….this is the same company that produces Novadex and things like that……all of this being said I AGREE WITH ERIC 100PERCENT THAT SUPPLEMENTS LIKE THIS ARE A WASTE OF TIME

13 years ago

The company is from Rich Gaspari a ifbb dude back in Loe Ferrigno’s day. It doesn’t have much good stuff in it but the product had a fantastic placebo effect…I think is was the fancy label.