Gain 7.2 lbs… After a Single Meal?!?

The holidays always includes a bunch of big feasts to indulge in.

One particular night, I had a hankerin’ for some all you can eat (AYCE). Specfiically this place up on Queen St. called Spring Rolls that serves dim sum, sushi AND Thai food.

I don’t generally frequent AYCE establishments because I enjoy seeing my private parts, but sometimes, I get the urge.

The last time I was at an AYCE buffet I almost got trampled, for Shanghai noodles, of all things.

But I wouldn’t be discouraged…

Anyway, the meal was absolutely reDICK!

Here’s what I ate:

I generally eat 75% of whatever portion is there, which pleases me very much. My wife is small and likes to not only stay small, but also sample a bit of everything. God bless her little soul.

The walk home was interesting – I felt like a Chinese version of Santa Claus and I had a bit of difficulty breathing.

And here’s the fallout:

[jwplayer config=”600×338 (Blog Posts)” mediaid=”7292″]

The morning after, I weighed 167 lbs, which occurred as a result of one bathroom deposit and a bunch of evaporation.

2 days later I was back to my normal walking weight of 165 lbs.

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8 years ago

I didnt get to see the vid cuz my phone sucks but where did you go to eat and what is the address?

8 years ago
Reply to  Neliel

Queen St. W – Spring Rolls in Toronto. Not sure addy but you can look it up.