FAIL to plan…

… plan to FAIL.

That’s the old saying and it is so true.

I’ve found that in the areas where I create a plan (and stick to it), success is the consistent outcome.

While I have no problems creating plans, all too often I find myself more not following them through to completion.

This goes along with a personality test that I took called the Kolbe Index where I discovered I’m a fast starter and fast action-taker, but my follow through leaves much to be desired.

It’s also an area where I’ve been out of integrity, since I always preach that you should be following a program vs. just going to the gym and “winging it”.

Lately, I’ve been going to the gym and while I have been following the same 2 day routine, I came up with the routine on the fly.

So that’s all changing – now, here’s the program I’ll be following for the next 4 weeks:

Another tip that I used to do that I haven’t been doing is in the evening, I plan the next day.

It is such a powerful thing to plan your day the night before because when you get up, you know exactly what’s supposed to happen and, when you sleep, your subconscious can start working on any mental tasks while you sleep.

I’ve definitely noticed less organization and effectiveness since I’ve stopped doing this but no more!

While I could easily blame the baby for letting go of all of these important things, that would be a cop out and how could I blame this little angel for anything?

So back to making plans and following through.

Are you currently following a program,
or just “winging it” in the gym?

If you’re winging it, get a program now.

Any program is better than none, so just pick one and follow it.

And this applies to S&C, MMA, Karate, handball, ping-pong or anything else – be intentional with your time and effort and your results will be drastically accelerated.

Do you plan your day the night before?

If not, spend just 10 minutes doing so, and you’ll find your days go much smoother.

Be as detailed as possible without being neurotic, for example:

8am: wake

830am: breakfast of 2 eggs and a green smoothie

9am: go to work

10am: meet with boss

Noon: lunch of tuna salad with 1 piece of whole grain bread and a 10 minute walk

3pm: snack of nuts and berries

5pm: go to the gym for Day 2 of my program

7pm: dinner of steak, broccoli and sweet potatoes

10pm: read “The War of Art”

11pm: lights out

These 2 tips are worth their weight in gold… IF you put them to work for you.

Remember – it takes at least 4 weeks of consistent conscious effort to create a new lifestyle habit so know that it’s going to take effort but then, once they become habits, it’s smooth sailing.

To effortless and effective living,


P.S. Do you have any great tips for efficient and effective living? Then share them with me and everyone else here on the blog.

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6 years ago

Man, to live efficiently and effectively, since my point of view it requires of tons of discipline and will Power or force of will, although I got a degree in ‘Planning and Touristic Development’ and I know that like any business needs plans, goals, objectives and taking actions in order to succeed and stay on top in this competitive world, same way, we as individuals is necessary to make plans, set goals and objectives to get what we want. You talked about Integrity, but it’s complicated to get it in all the areas of life (family, work/financial, fitness, social life, spirituality and even with ourselves) but I believe that is mainly bc of the bad habits we’ve been dragging for quite a long time. Many people have told me that they get better things or results when they don’t plan out their life, but still unconciously they know what they… Read more »

6 years ago

If you need to change in an area, make the smallest possible change that is likely to get you closer to your goal, hold 4 weeks and repeat. Instead of making too many changes at once or changing something huge and not sticking with it.

6 years ago

Yep. It’s a fine art to get the balance right between being neurotic as you say and winging it. Also, some days (like today for me!) you just gotta slack, then come out swinging after a good rest.

My personal planning system’s heavily influenced by JD Meier’s Agile results system. Very practical and highly recommended.

Check it out at:

6 years ago
Reply to  Justin

Yessir, definitely more of an art than a science to finding that balance…

And thanks for the link!

I had a quick read of Day 1 an I like the structure.

I follow a similar structure but it’s more on a 2-week block as opposed to 1.