Balance Exercises for MMA

I was out for a long walk the other day and where I was by Lake Ontario, which is really close to where I live. It’s one of the 5 Great Lakes as they’re called in North America.

Unfortunately it’s polluted as hell from all the steel companies and other industries that dump their toxic waste into them, but it still looks nice on a sunny day.

Anyway I was walking on the shore and came to a spot where there were those big rocks that they sometimes have near water. As I was jumping from rock to rock, I, for some reason, thought about the fact that barely any fighters (or anyone in the gym) trains their single-leg balance.

Training your single-leg balance will not only improve your performance in the cage, it’ll also help to keep your ankles and knees healthy.

One thing you don’t want to do (unless you’re rehabbing an injury) is focus on standing on unstable things like BOSU balls, discs, or foam rollers. These tools don’t do anything for performance and limit the strength you can build.

You might think they’re great for balance, but the truth is, the ground doesn’t move under you, you move over theground, so it’s a different neuromuscular pattern that doesn’t transfer over to a real life situation.

So what kind of exercises do you want to do?

Check out videos of 3 of them here:

=> Balance Exercises for MMA Training

As I mention in the videos – these are not meant to replace your traditional strength exercises, they’re supplementary.

Train smart,


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7 years ago

The link doesn’t work anymore. Can it be re-posted? I’d really like to see what these are.