1 Tip to Quickly Add 10 Pounds to Your Clean and Jerk

True power comes from your ability to quickly go from rest to max force and back and forth and the Olympic Lifts are amazing at training your ability to execute this important skill.

You don’t need to lift a lot of weight to benefit from the Olympic lifts, but you do need to perform them properly, or you won’t get the full benefits.

Watch the video for a tip I recently implemented that helped me add 10 pounds to my Clean and Jerk.

Before doing this, I’d get stuck on the Jerk above 165 lbs, but after I added this technique, I hit 175 lbs no problem.

That’s the power of proper technique – you become more efficient and can do more with the same amount of energy or do the same amount with less energy.

The Olympic Lifts are all about efficiency, which is why at the elite levels, athletes are lifting double their bodyweight (and more)  in both the Snatch and Clean and Jerk.

I suggest that everyone training for performance learn the Olympic Lifts and continue to refine their technique.

So whether you want to start them or improve what you’re already doing, check out this article where I give you 3 Tips to Mastering the Olympic Lifts.


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7 years ago

I like the continuous flow in the movements, they are very functional.

Ed Mehrzad
Ed Mehrzad
7 years ago

Cool, I will try this, thanks as always, Eric. Ed, North Vancouver, BC