2012 – A Recap of YOUR Successes

Since we can all celebrate the fact that the world did not in fact end in 2012 as was so popularly debated to occur, we might as well roll with the punches and continue to celebrate all good things that made up the year 2012.

This is the first post in a 2 part series on setting (and achieving) goals. 

It’s something I’ve spent most of the month of December on.

Training winds down as parties, shopping and get-togethers dominate the schedule.

Writing and program creation take a back seat, perhaps as a side effect of all of the parties and get-togethers (aka HANGOVERS).

But before I share some unique concepts and frameworks for goal setting with you, there’s one important thing to do…

You see, we often get stuck in is the whole idea of “What’s next?”

I’m horribly guilty of this. I’m always thinking ahead; planning, strategizing, dreaming.

I easily get caught up in the future while forgetting about the past and present.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur or work a corporate job, getting caught up in this is part of the rat race.

But reliving past successes, learning from past ‘mistakes’, and enjoying the moment is a key ingredient in successful living.

Why strive for anything if you’re not going to enjoy not only the achievement of it, but also the process of achieving it?

Now I’m not going to get all YOGA on you and tell you that living in the moment is the only thing there is.

Without thinking about the future, you’re apt to be stuck with whatever life decides to throw at you, which is often a pile of shit, to be quite frank.

But if you’re always chasing the next win, achieving more, or being better, you can easily lose your life to the future and prevent yourself from enjoying the process of achievement and the actual achievement itself.

So let’s all take a collective step back and answer these questions:

[features_box_light_blue width=”85%” + border=”1px”]In the past year…

1. What is ONE thing with respect to your health and/or fitness that you’re proud of achieving?

2. What is ONE thing in an important relationship (e.g. as a son, father, spouse, friend) that you’re proud of achieving?

3. What is ONE thing in your career that you’re proud of achieving?[/features_box_light_blue]

Go ahead, take a few deep breaths to relax and the time to answer these questions for real.

Don’t rush through this. It’s important to you. And it never hurts to relive past successes, because it feels good and these good feelings energize you to create more of these good feelings in the future. It’s magnetic.

Now, your successes don’t have to be HUGE and world-changing.

Let me help you by sharing a few of my answers…

With respect to my fitness, I’m super proud of working up to 10 Muscleups.

I set the goal of 10 Muscleups and worked up towards it. It was tons of fun creating programs to get to 10 and scoping out new places I could do them, like this beach in Barcelona that I stumbled upon on vacation this past summer:

[jwplayer config=”600×338 (Blog Posts)” mediaid=”6262″]

Moving on…

In my relationship with my wife, I’m proud of the fact that I’ve been better able to communicate my feelings, of happiness or unhappiness. Trust me, it’s a work in progress. But letting myself be a little vulnerable or communicating something I’m unhappy about even though I’m uncomfortable doing so is greatly helping our relationship.

It’s not something that comes naturally, as Chinese culture doesn’t tend to promote the sharing of feelings. Traditional Chinese culture is about obedience and discipline.

But I think it’s important to feel more for my own health, my relationship with my wife and other important peeps and eventually, my kids.

Finally, with respect to my career, one thing I’m extremely proud of is launching powerDOJO. It’s been something that has been brewing for years. This year, I’ve finally taken the various ideas jotted down in old notebooks, saved in random .txt documents and stored in the back corners of my mind to create a progressive ‘program’ to achieving your ‘black belt in fitness’ and made them a reality.


But once I decided to make it do it, it took a few months of work by myself and my Russian programming team to create the site and I enjoyed every second.

I’m so proud of the way it’s turned out; I love coaching and interacting with all of the positive and like-minded members (the powerDOJO Kyoudai), I’ve awarded 7 Yellow Belts so far and I’m only going to continue to improve and add to it throughout 2013 to make it amazing.

Now that you’ve got some examples from me, go ahead and answer the 3 questions above.

It’ll get those endorphins flowing that will charge you up for Part 2, which is all about proper goal setting.

I’d love to hear 1 or all of the answers to the 3 questions below, if you’re willing to share. If not, no worries, just make sure you answer the questions as it’ll set the stage for setting goals that stretch you and you’ll be proud of achieving.


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8 years ago

Amen for what you’re creating brother! 1. What is ONE thing with respect to your health and/or fitness that you’re proud of achieving? – I’ve learned to investigate, to take care of myself. To open up to new thoughts. The biggest health achievement is certainly because of eating for energy. I know when I will start feeling sick, I know when I feel good with eating something. I tried EFE and Paleo Diet. Now I’m mixing it. Also because of that I’m facing my fears more now. It’s a snowball effect. – powerDOJO, getting in a community of mind-liked people, improving myself, and being able to set the beginning for improving others. 2. What is ONE thing in an important relationship (e.g. as a son, father, spouse, friend) that you’re proud of achieving? – I’ve learned to respect the relationship of me and my girlfriend to a whole other level.… Read more »

8 years ago
Reply to  Michael

MZVDB (aka “Funcational Muscles from Brussels”):

Wicked stuff dude, love to hear about your growth!

I like #3 – what’s that all about? Maybe we can discuss in the pD Forum what exactly you’re mixing and such…