2 *Weird* Bodyweight Exercises

Bodyweight exercises are a staple in MMA workouts.

I’m sure you’ve done your fair share of pushups, situps, chinups, squats etc… I know I have!

But we often get stuck doing these same exercises over and over and over, often because our instructors don’t know any better!

There are these 2 old kickboxing instructors at the club I train at and no word of a lie, these guys do the exact same warmup routine, which lasts about 25 minutes, EVERY CLASS.

And these guys have been teaching since at least the early 90’s!

That’s why when I first met my buddy Adam Steer and we started talking shop and he showed me a few new exercises, I was like a kid in a candy store.

They made my body move like only happens by accident when you’re rolling and you have to scramble out of some awkward position.

There’s no doubt that these exercises will improve your MMA game.

Find out why by watching the video and then giving them a shot:

Bodyweight training is also great because you can do the exercises anywhere, any time.

That’s why it worked out perfectly for my vacation in Costa Rica, which is where all of the new bodyweight exercises I learned were filmed.

I also filmed an absolutely KILLER circuit that I call the 10×10 MMA Bodyweight Circuit, details to come…

Now I’ve got 4 more of these unique bodyweight exercises for you that are perfect for mixed martial artists, but if you want to see my go-to resource for new bodyweight exercises, check out the TACFIT Commando program, created by my friend Adam’s coach, Scott Sonnon

=> TACFIT Commando Program

There are over 50 new bodyweight exercises just like these (and weirder) that will really improve your co-ordination, mobility and strength.

Check it out and I’ll be back soon with more.

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7 years ago

Hi Eric, is the strengh and conditionning program will improve muscles equal to bench press/ dumbell exercises, does it better than? I’ve a small body that i want to increase weight but no time to go in a training room but i have a bench press and dumbells at home so i want to know which program is better for me…thanks

Winson Lim
8 years ago

Hey Eric,

Does your Ultimate MMA program covers on improving flexibility? As mine really is weak and can’t kick high. My stability is not good also as I try to kick with the correct form in Muay Thai.

8 years ago
Reply to  Winson Lim

Hi Winson,

Yes, it does help to improve your flexibility.

8 years ago

I already knew those exercises before, they are great! Animal movements and other sources like yoga or dancing provide a lot of great exercises for MMA-artists or for general fitness. On the other hand, wouldn’t it be better to push the hips higher in the air? This is actually the way breakdancers practice a move called “swipes”.

You have both of your hands on the ground, you reach over to the other and then while switching positions you really try to push your hips in the air. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qi-WsP1Ki8I you can see this in the beginning of this video. Cheers!

Tommy Geoghegan
Tommy Geoghegan
9 years ago

Hi Eric,

Great exercises and ones that I have now added to my group sessions, the students love em.

Thank you my friend, you are the king.

10 years ago

Awesome ! I ll try ’em
by the way I lost my fight last week

10 years ago
Reply to  larry

Hey Larry – how did the fight go anyway?

dave calveley
dave calveley
10 years ago

exercises are superb for what im trying to achieve.
congrats on the engagement too buddy.

looking forward to the next video