1 Exercise to Assess and FIX Lateral Musculature

Most exercises are assessments in and of themselves, when you know what to look for.

Watching a Squat illuminates hip mobility, a Pushup shows upper body + core integration, and watching someone bend over to tie their shoes tells a lot about the health of their low back and knees.

Today’s exercise shows both strength, stability and BALANCE in the lateral musculature of your body, including:

[+] Glutes

[+] Obliques

[+] Shoulders, specifically for overhead stability

Check it out and give it a shot:

Whaddya think?

Let me know in the Comments below:

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Great stuff Eric, will have to get the SFS going first and unlock my tight shoulders for this one.

David K.
David K.

Great Eric!


Looks like a great exercise that I will definitely try. One question – once this exercise helps me identify muscle imbalances or weaknesses in one body part or side, how do I go about correcting it? Thanks


Love it. Definitely going to use it on my weight days.