Ultimate Fighter: Heavyweights (aka the Kimbo Show)

Looks like the latest incarnation of the Ultimate Fighter will be an interesting one, and not for Kimbo. Kimbo just seems like a regular dude who wants to fight and make it to the UFC, not the street-thug who knocked out other street-thugs on YouTube all those years ago.

kimboIt seems like the most entertainment will come from Rampage and Rashad mouthing each other off. And maybe Quinton’s great choice of matchups – what was he thinking on that one? A guy with no wrestling vs. the best wrestler on the opposing team?

I guess that’s how that gash happened. Man that was disgusting – I think I saw Abe’s brain.

Both guys showed less than stellar cardio – not totally unexpected for heavyweights, but still disappointing to see nonetheless.

Anyway – I’m looking forward to following this one, hope we can get some quality fights out of it and not just a bunch of big brawlers going at each other.

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Im so excited this year because i know Rashad and Gregg i used to train with them years ago i stopped going because i live in Houston, TX now……cant wait to see how the rest of the season is going to be…. = )


They were all out of shape (IMO) except Kimbo, I think is not a good MMA fighter RIGHT now, could be. I think the only thing good on this season is going to be the two coach’s. How about my coach TIM CREDEUR and nate’s fight last night tuff lose but can’t hang your head on it. Win win (IMO) ?


Credeur had a really good showing in the 1st round, I thought he had that choke but he was just off on an angle a bit… But as I was watching it I kept thinking, “Man, he’s gotta keep his hands up when he’s throwing combos.”

But he definitely showed a tough chin and tons of heart… I was hoping to see a sub or something from his back in the 2nd and 3rd rounds…

What did you think of his conditioning? I’m not sure if it was the fact that he got rocked multiple times or that his conditioning wasn’t there…

Get him to workout with you! 🙂

chad leonhardt
chad leonhardt

Hey I think his cardio was not there, but he did get rocked pretty good!! trying to get him to work out with your program(he will come around)I don’t know what the 2nd and 3rd round ground game was about, that wasn’t the TIM I know!! Great fight anyway and got fight of the night $$$$$

Kalani Ng

Wow, you were fast posting this one. I just finish watching this a little while ago. About the show, Not bad! I have to say that dude Abe didn’t have anything for the Wrestler and I think you’re right Quinton made a bad pick.

I don’t know about you but I like Kimbo. He seems pretty humble. Not to mention he look in better shape than almost everyone else if not everyone else. He trains with Bas right? If he can work on his ground he’ll be a force… nah, he’ll be a force anyway!

One thing I noticed was these guys would highly benefit from your conditioning program!

Have a great night!

Kalani Ng