UFC 100 Recap

WOW. UFC 100 definitely lived up to expectations. I thought all of the main card fights were great.

People were still questioning Lesnar’s legitimacy, but after this dominating performance over Mir, I don’t think anyone has anything to say anymore – Brock is the champ and deserves it.


GSP definitely showed his heart in this fight, going the distance against a very game Alves. I was somewhat surprised that Alves didn’t gas out.

Greg Jackson definitely wins ‘Line of the Night’, when talking to GSP between the 4th and 5th rounds. Watch the video to hear the hilarious thing he says:

Greg Jackson’s Advice to GSP

Awesome! He also went on to tell GSP that, “This is where champions are made.” What a coach – I learned a lot from him in those short minutes between rounds. I can definitely see why his fighters are so successful.


And Hendo’s knockout over Bisping will be one of the biggest highlights from 2009, I guarantee it. That bomb he dropped on Bisping when he was on the canvas was just vicious!


AND that superman punch by Belcher on Akiyama was sick! I’m really surprised that it didn’t knock Akiyama out – dude has a chin on him for sure.

Anyway I’m super happy about the card, I think it lived up to expectations, so in my books, UFC 100 was a success.


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Just came across this thread recently, so excuse belated entry.

I thought that the original UFC fights with Gracie, et al, were a lot more exciting than the weight divisions they’ve installed over the past few years.

Having said that, I can understand why they’ve made weight divisions and more rules, especially for safety. I can remember the pre-UFC fights that were downright sickening to watch – some really stupid people took part in those, e.g. stomping on someone’s head when they were down. (I don’t care what it takes to win but there’s absolutely NO reason to do something like that.)

In any case, great site, Eric.

Rainer Fischer
3x Canadian Middleweight and
3x Canadian Open Weight Judo Champ


GSP is pound for pound the best in the world. I would love to see GSP vs. Anderson Silva.


Long time fan as well, and would have to say that the seeing Bisping get rocked was sweet, sometimes he just runs his mouth a little too much, it was great to see Hendo shut it for a while.

Would agree that it didn’t appear like the Frank Mir I expected in the ring, was Lesnar just too much, or did Mir just quit… hard to say….


The Mir fight was strange. Frank didn’t seem to be into it. He hurt Lesnar for the brief time they were on their feet but Frank let himself get taken down very easily and never even got Lesnar into his full guard. Very disappointing. The Henderson knockout may have been my favorite MMA moment and I’ve been watching since UFC I.


I think everyone loved the Hendo KO…

I just think Brock overpowered him… the guy is inhuman.


Fedor will take him down; Fedor believes in technique over size, and just like GSP this theory will win everytime if applied correctly. I can’t wait for that match up, Fedor will take him down, become the heavyweight champ, and then we will see who is king…. no super weight class needed. GSP and Fedor are the two top pound for pound in the world.

Jc Cabantan
Jc Cabantan

I believe GSP’s coach is Greg Jackson Eric. 😀


Yes – dumb typo by yours truly…


They need to create a Super Heavyweight weight class with Lesnar on board now. Otherwise these are just David and Goliath fights where David loses all the time.


Well the limit is 265, so other guys could put on some weight to get closer to the limit…

I think it’s fine – when someone topples Lesnar, it’ll be huge.

We still don’t know what his chin is like, so maybe one of these big bangers like Carwin, Fedor, or even Brett Rogers can test it for us.