Training Day

Had some fun with some buddies of mine today taking them through a boxing-style workout. After that, I did a lower body day:

1) Front squats 5 x 4
2) Deadlifts from pins (kneecap height) 5 x 4
3) Bulgarian split squats 3 x 6
4) Leg curls on ball 2 x 15

Felt pretty strong today, although because I haven’t done front squats in a couple of months, my hands gave out before anything else, as I use a clean grip.  

I’m curious as to what your workouts are looking like, so leave me a comment with what you’re doing these days.


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11 years ago

I’m still doing your MMA-specific strength program. I love it. However, I substituted front squats for normal squats because I honestly don’t know how to do front squats.