Today, I’m going to issue you a challenge.

Before reading what it’s all about, I want you to agree to take part in this challenge.

You may be thinking, “How can I do this without knowing what it is?”

Here’s how…

If you’re on this site, I’m assuming that you workout. (If you’re on this site and you’re not exercising regularly, stop reading and start doing something! Knowledge without action is a waste of time.)

No, actually, not workout, that’s the wrong word.

I’m assuming you TRAIN.

The difference between someone who works out and someone who trains is seen best in this example:

Johnny shows up at the gym. Changes into his Nike Dri-fit top and matching shorts. Laces up his Nike Frees.Cues up his iPod.

He then walks out of the changeroom, into the gym, and thinks to himself, "Soooo, what should I start with?"

Martin shows up at the gym. Changes into a similar outfit.He even comes in with an iPod too.

But when he steps into the gym, he's got something else in his hand.

A piece of paper.

On this piece of paper is a list of exercises. Each exercise has specific reps, sets and rest periods.

When Martin walks into the gym, he thinks to himself, "Let's do this."

Between the two, who is working out and who is training?

If you said Johnny is working out and Martin is training, you’re bang on the money.

When you’re training, you’re following a program.

Not some random program, but a program for your specific goals.

When you’re training, you know what you’ve done before, what you’re about to do, and what you’re going to do next.

When you finish a training session, there’s a real feeling of accomplishment and confidence knowing that you’re 1 more step closer to your goals.

But when you’re just working out, who knows what the hell is going on.

You’ll randomly choose exercises. You’ll probably pick the ones you’re most comfortable with, neglecting those your body needs.

You’ll do whatever # of reps makes you feel like you’ve accomplished something. You’ll then leave, possibly making gains, but likely not doing more than breaking a sweat and maintaining.

Sure, it’s better than nothing. And working out randomly can be good for you, if you’re deloading for a period of time between training phases or programs.

So that was a little aside, but something I had to get across, because I still see 90% of the people in gyms simply working out.

If you want to be average, join the 90%.

The unfortunate majority in our society…

If you want to be one of the top achievers, look around you and do the things that the majority AREN’T doing.

And one of those things is today’s topic:

Here’s your Challenge:

Think of an upcoming training session, either strength or conditioning specific.

Pick one set, from one exercise and blow your previous results out of the park.

Some examples would be:

  • On your last set of Squats, regardless of what the reps are, don’t stop until you know in your SOUL you can’t do another
  • On your last interval, even though it’s only supposed to be 1 minute at 9.0 mph, go for 2… or even 3, if you want to feel like a KING after

When you’re done, report your results here.

Not just what you did, but how it made you feel.

If you’ve read this far, you’ve agreed to this challenge already, so not reporting back is a broken commitment, to me AND to yourself.

If it’s easy to break commitments to yourself, the worse your life will get, I guarantee it.

So take this opportunity to strengthen your commitment and follow-through muscles by coming back here and reporting your results when you’re done.

Now, here’s why THE MONEY SET is an awesome training tool…

Although we always do our best to train at a high intensity, the human body simply cannot go 100% all-out, all-the-time.

Think of each energy system and your central nervous system as separate batteries.

It’s simply not possibly to completely drain each battery, give them no rest, and expect them to continue to perform at a high level indefinitely.

This is an old-school mentality that has caused more injuries than any stupid circus-act exercise or fitness fad out being performed in big-box gyms around the world.

I can think of ONE functional use of this tool…

But what THE MONEY SET does is gives you a clear focus on where you’re going to direct most of your mental and physical energy.

[It’s a concept I’ve integrated quite heavily into my MMA Ripped 8-Week Training Camp]

Focusing all of your energy into this one set is like a powerful laser-beam that can burn a hole through a steel vault.

You might just astonish yourself at what you’re capable of, bringing your confidence to a whole new level.

So think about what you’re going to do, then you’ll automatically start gearing yourself up for one of the best sessions ever.

I can’t wait to hear how it goes.

– Eric

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Hey, great mentality training from your article darl. I had cardio and intensive training 5 years ago and have been lazy and have built up a tummy in recent years. In the past one week I’ve started some cardio training and got my diet right. After browsing youtube, I found out intensive interval training can help burning fat and i’m gonna start doing them again! I realize a tough mind is essential for reaching goals – not only body fitness, but also life goals. Thanks heaps!


As a bodybuilder i was mostly focused on results and size.. as i hit a plateau i started to focus mostly on performance, more reps, more weight, a constant competition with myself to do more than i did last time, believe me it has been awesome in terms of the workouts themselves and also the results..
I think we should all be enjoying the ride instead of looking at the finish line.
A partner to spot and support you also helps a lot when you are going for pr’s all the time.
Keep it up !!


Last week I hit the sumo rollout exercise in the 4WO of the MMARipped Camp. (Btw, it’s the best exercise I’ve ever done. I LOVE it!). I put up 70kg (50% of my 1RM), and banged out 50 reps in about 10:20. I decided to beat it, but I couldn’t decide on wether to increase the weight or lower the time… so I aimed for both. I upped it to 80kg (closer to 60% of my 1RM) and I managed 50 consecutive reps at a total time of 8:39!

This makes me want to redo it next week and make it even better!


Nice brother – way to destroy it!


Hi Eric!
This is one of the techniques in my bag of tricks I use to get through a sticking point with my routine. It really works when it comes to shocking your muscles and your system! You’re absolutely right about over-doing it, though. I’ve done that before and now I recognize the symptoms of over-training because I listen to my body. When used properly the feeling is both a physical as well as a mental energy boost! You’re pumped physically and so is your confidence.


Last week I rowed 90kg for 10. (I weigh 70kg). This week I went for it, put two extra plates on the side and rowed 110kg for 8. Made me feel strong and powerful!


Dude, way to go!

Amazing how the mentality you go in with can create such dramatic results eh?


So my squat workout usually consists of a couple warm up sets and then 8×15 with 405 but after reding this I decided to go all out and on my last set hit 27 reps before my legs went completely numb and I couldn’t continue. That feeling was amazing, can’t wait to add it to other aspects of my lifting program.


Clint that’s MONSTROUS!

What’s up man been a while? Didn’t hear back from ya re: your MMA Ripped results – how did it all go?


Thanks man been getting stronger all the time. Ya about 3/4 the way through the workout I got hurt training and never got to finish it. Thinking about giving it another go around here soon.


On my 3rd and final set of squats today with a weight of 330lbs, i managed to knock out 10 reps! 5 more then what i normally do! And afterwards…i wanted to die…


Nice job Landon – that’s solid!


Hey Eric, just wanted to ask

are you planing to put together a new program that includes the olympic lifting stuff in it in the future?
Any anticipated date of release?



Hey Omar – thanks for asking… it’s in the works, busy testing some stuff out right now.

I’ve evaluated many of the resources out there on Olympic Lifting and what I’m putting together is addressing the common weak points that I see in teaching the lifts – OVER COMPLICATING THINGS.

Once I get some more feedback from my “guinea pigs” I’ll send out an email about it.


Did 3 x 6 minute intervals at 8.5, usually with 4 minute rests, today just 3 minute. Did feel amazing, Its funny how only when I read this e-mail I thought, ha might as well move forward…


Way to go, “Unknown”!


Well pushed through and went to what i would call complete failure on burpee’s, was planning on doing 30 but continued till my arms wouldn’t lift me up. The burning sensation was intense and my breathing was far from controlled. During the remaining session i was pleasantly suprised how little time it took to recover, went on to complete an half hour sparring session. The arms felt heavy at the end of the session… oh yeh managed another 13 burpee’s. I include them at the end of my warm up session as the really get my juices flowing.


Nice work Steve – how many Burpees did you crank out? Or did you lose count because you were just hammering away?


Got this email earlier today and did it with your ultimate mms strength and conditioning. Im doing the first phase and for one of the supersets involving air squats (I won’t go into further detail for the purpose of this is your published work and it wouldn’t be right to give all details on here) anyway I went for 2 minutes past the prescribed time of the superset and my legs felt like they wanted to fall off but I felt great mentally and I now set my goals for reps even higher because I untapped into a potential that I didn’t know was there and before I was only going for such a smaller number of reps…..I also did this with bag sprints at the end of my final round when training at my boxing gym…Great advice Eric


Nice work Mike – way to get at it right away… Only 1 way to go from here dude and the sky’s the limit – keep it up!