Simple 3 Step System to Achieve YOUR Goals


With all of the info coming at you, it’s easy to get bogged down with info overload…

An example is a reply to a follow-up email I got from John, a new Shoulder Flexibility Solution customer, who told me,

“I haven’t started yet because I’ve gotten a bunch of new programs over the last couple of weeks and I don’t know what to do!”

This is why I’ve recommended many times to stick to just 1 or 2 fitness newsletter lists, because any more than that and you’ll get overwhelmed (and might find your bank account a little lighter).

Now, the system I’ve outlined below works best in the order presented.

The thing is, many people skip steps or do them in a different order, which negatively impacts long-term results.

But as you’ll see, there’s logic to this order, so check it out to see what’s up…

That’s why Step 1 of my 3 Step System is as follows:


This is the most important thing to do when you’re getting started.

When I first started working out when I was 16, I did 3 exercises:

1) Bench Press

2) Bicep Curls

3) Skull Crushers

A horribly imbalanced program but guess what, I got some results and those results fueled my motivation to keep going and learn more.

Now, I like to think my programs are a little more sophisticated. 😉

Even if your actions produce no or negative results, at least now you know what DOESN’T work and can adjust accordingly.

This brings us to Step 2:

Once you’ve got some momentum from whatever actions you’ve taken, then do some self-directed research and learning and apply what you learn (and notice the results).

When it comes to self-directed learning, the internet has given us opportunities to learn from the best like never before.

Obviously this opens up issues like John experienced, but when you properly harness the opportunities available, you’ve got such powerful resources available.

I recommend doing self-directed learning to begin with because a) it’s cheaper and b) doing so allows you to further build your action muscle.

At this stage, many people jump from Step 1 to Step 3, which I believe sets them up to be life-long dependents, always depending on extrinsic sources of knowledge and motivation.

So, what is Step 3?

Here it is:

Do the self-directed thing until you hit a plateau, then find a coach/mentor/trainer/teacher to work with.

This is the time to step it up, because you’ve exhausted your ability to progress based on yourself.

It’s also better because when you approach a coach having taken action already, if the coach is worth his salt, they’ll respect you more for it since they know you don’t need to be babysat and you’re going to do what they say.

This can be in a small group setting or 1-on-1, but the insights you can get from an experienced and skilled coach once they learn about your history and how you tick can truly be invaluable.

I’ve had many of both types of clients and now, I only take on the 2nd type of client because I’m not going to hold anybody’s hand.

You can hire a rep counter at your local gym for that.

In fact, I rarely do regular training sessions now, I simply do assessments and program design and enough sessions to ensure you’re doing things right, then it’s on your merry way.

This is cheaper for the client, empowers the client and helps them be autonomous and is much more enjoyable for me.

So there you have my Simple 3 Step System for Achieving YOUR Goals.

Now I want to know if you haven’t achieved certain goals because you’ve missed any of these steps or you did them in the wrong order?

Leave me your feedback below and let’s chat.

Coach E

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Joe Musselwhite
Joe Musselwhite
5 years ago

Great article and suggestions/advice! Thanks for sharing your vast knowledge and skills Eric! You’re the BEST my friend!

5 years ago

Nice..applies to real life too..