What To Do When Your Opponent Can’t Make Weight

When it comes to fighting MMA, because it’s a weight class sport, sometimes your opponent doesn’t make weight.

In the amateur ranks, this actually happens quite often, because guys have no idea about how to cut weight properly.

Or maybe their T-levels are out of whack? 🙂

Or your original opponent drops out and they offer you an alternate, who is often bigger than you.

When this happens you’re faced with a choice:

  1. Take the fight anyway and hope to get a % of fat boy’s purse and beat him down for his inability to lay off the Twinkies
  2. Don’t accept the fight because you don’t want to be at a disadvantage and rack up a loss on your record that might hurt or at least slow down your career’s progress

For a lot of guys, #2 is a good choice.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with not accepting a fight you didn’t plan for.

But, you’ve probably trained long and hard for this fight, you might have some friends and family in the crowd and you don’t want to disappoint your coaches who have spent so much time getting you ready.

With all this pressure, most guys end up taking the fight.

If you’re a fighter, be prepared for this scenario.

Also be prepared to face a guy who may be 10 or even 20 lbs bigger than you.

Now, there’s one thing you can do as “insurance” for this all-too-common scenario… You buy insurance for your car and house “in case” anything happens – so you might want to think about getting insurance in case this happens too.

Because it happened to Maurice in his fight recently, and here’s the email he sent me afterwards about how it went down:

"I purchased your MMA strength and conditioning program over one year ago.

Since then, I sent you several e-mails and asked for additional pointers.

I followed the 8 week program and incorporated short burst intervals into my routine.

I agreed to fight my opponent at a catch weight of 190 but he weighed in at 202.

By the time I fought him, he was back up to 216.

The commission gave me the option to fight him or decline the fight. I accepted the fight because I knew I was in excellent shape and I felt great.

I dominated my opponent and won in the second round due to referee stoppage via strikes.

I attached several pictures from the event and my cornermen were Jason Norwood and Lee Stuckey.

Thanks for all of the pointers and for making such an excellent program. Take care!

Maurice Jones
San Diego California"

Here are the pics he sent along with his email:

Way to go Maurice!

And that’s how you go about getting insurance – get in excellent shape and you’ll have the confidence to take on whoever they put in front of you, as long as their last name isn’t “Silva” and their first name rhymes with “Banderson”.

Sign up today for the very same “fight insurance” Maurice used to help him win his fight with the Ultimate MMA S&C Program.

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