My Current Workout Program

One of the most important things to make sure you’re doing to make progress and continually get results is to follow a program.

Even if the program isn’t that well put together, following any program at all is better than showing up to the gym and saying to yourself, “What do I feel like working today?”

Unfortunately, most gym-goers and athletes do just that. I talked to 4 different guys at the gym today, and guess what, none of them were following a program.

One guys was doing pushups and I asked him how many he was doing 2 weeks ago. He replied, “About 25.”

I asked him how many he did today.

Guess how many?

That’s right – “About 25.”

Do you see the problem with not following a program or keeping progress?

So the program I’m currently following is by Eric Cressey which is outlined in his book “Maximum Strength”. Right now, I’m training 4 days a week, so since his program is 4 days a week and my goals right now are to bump up my max strength in the big lifts – squat, deads, bench, chins – I figured I’d give it a go.

Now this wouldn’t necessarily be a good program for a fighter because there’s just too many workout days to get in on top of MMA training, but it’s a good one if you want to build your, surprise, surprise, max strength.

So if you’re just going to the gym and working out, get a program PRONTO and start to get some real results.

If you’re a fighter – check out my Ultimate MMA Strength and Conditioning program.

If you’re an MMA fan interested in general fitness – read about the MMA Ripped Fat Loss Program.

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Ghat Andy
Ghat Andy
7 years ago

Where’s the anaerobic lactic interval video