Meniscus Injury – Day 17

I must say I’m really happy with the way my meniscus is healing.

I’m not out of the woods yet, but today, I spent a good amount of time in the gym trying different exercises and nothing bothered it.

I was able to skip, high knee run, hurdle jump and box without any issues.

I’m feeling it a bit right now as I type this around midnight (6-7 hours later), but not much at all.

I also played hockey 4 days ago and felt it a bit at the end, but it didn’t carry over into the next day.

Oh yeah, I played some basketball 3 days ago and it was also OK. I wasn’t playing hard, but it didn’t fail me at all.

I really think everything that I did has drastically sped up my recovery and return to sports. The acupuncture also played a huge role.

Here’s a summary of all the stuff I’ve been doing to try and aid the recovery process:

  • Made 2 big pots of beef broth from bones from an organic, pasture-fed cow
  • Started a daily NEM supplement  (Joint Care +)
  • Increased my fish oil intake
  • Acupuncture twice
  • Went back to eating breakfast, usually a couple of eggs
17 days is nothing – typical recovery from a meniscus injury is 1-3 months depending on the severity. I’d rate mine as low-moderate on the severity scale because for 6 days after it happened, I was hobbling and really aching.

I also missed hockey, which I wouldn’t do unless I was absolutely sure it was a bad idea.

I still wouldn’t load my knee with a heavy squat, lunge or deadlift, but being able to play sports at full intensity is amazing.

And I’ll also be able to start publishing a bunch of different videos that I’d planned that require me to be explosive.

Can’t wait to share!

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8 years ago

Never read it dude – and have a book list about 3 feet high, so it might be a while before I get to it… 🙂

8 years ago

Good afternoon Eric,

I just would like to get your thoughts on Dr. Doug McGuffs Book, body by science. Thanks!!