Lean Hybrid Muscle RELOADED

This is a copy of a recent email I sent…

If you got this email, you can disregard this post!


WOW – the response to the 1st installment to BIOMECH
Breakdown from all ya’ll totally blew me away…

I’m overwhelmed~!

So I am busy at work on the video where I’ll outline specific
exercises to improve your body’s ability to through a lightning-
quick front kick like Anderson Silva… Keep your eyes peeled!

But I had to send you a note because you might’ve heard about
this new product that’s being released right now and you might
want my opinion on it…

Here’s how this came about:

I recently got facebooked ™ by Kru DJ* (d1muaythai.com)
asking me about my opinion of this new program that’s out
called Lean Hybrid Muscle.

Well, actually, it’s not new, but it is a significant update valid
of the moniker ‘RELOADED‘.

What what put yo hands up in dee ai-ya~!

Anyway he asked me, “Is it a food investment. I mean new
grocery list. Do they have workouts in it too?” – Kru DJ*

That’s basically black for, “Is investing my money in this
program worth it, based on my needs and lifestyle?”


Not only is the product well put together, the workouts fun
and effective, and the promises delivered, but the authors
are also coaches AND real life high level athletes, on top
of being pretty cool dudes”

I met Elliott on that recent trip to Florida and quickly got
the feeling that he was a cool guy and also had a very
interesting conversation about, well, the meaning of life
and stuff like that.

That’s the short answer.

But the long answer to this, and the more general question,

“Is investing my money in this
(book/ course/
product) worth it?”


Why do I give such a blanket statement?

Because I know from experience, that anytime I invested
money, time and effort into developing my self, my
knowledge or my skills, it has proven to yield a positive

I can’t tell you EXACTLY how the program will
benefit you, because we are all different.

But I can tell you that when you ingrain the information
into your lifestyle and mindset, you will get either the
results promised or something of equal or greater value
than the small price you paid.

What, is it, like $50 or $60 bucks or something?

Sheee-itttt, I spent $1,997 USD on my last cert~~!

$50 bucks ain’t nuttin’, sonnnn~!

Now the most important thing to take from this email
is not that you should go out and invest in this program
for the measly change Mike and Elliott are asking.

I’m saying that by Friday, you MUST invest at least
50 bucks on something that will improve your body
AND mind.

I don’t care, it could be a basketball, or skates, or
maybe a month pass to the local rec centre to swim…

… a book, dvd, or digital product

or Lean Hybrid Muscle RELOADED.

Whatever it is, whoever it’s by, get it, go through it,
apply it and keep it in your consciousness.

Because by doing so, you will receive a positive

By doing so, you will live a better life, in some
shape, or form.

It could be health…


better sleep…

less stress.

More fun…

more good days…


In fact, I am so confident that you will benefit by
investing $50 by Friday that if you do so, the
next time I meet up with Mike and Elliott, I’ll have
a grappling match and do my best to tap their
asses out… and you will be sent a private link to
this footage… I might even stream it live.

Sounds like a no-brainer to me, don’t ya think?

Lean Hybrid Muscle RELOADED


* Kru DJ is the Muay Thai Coach at the Elite
Training Centre in Mississauga. Check em out
at MississaugaElite.com.

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