Kettlebell Training Injury-Free

Kettlebell training is often seen as a ‘hardcore’ way of working out, but it’s just another tool in your toolbox that can be used for some specific purposes.

One thing that I love about kettlebell training is the grip strength development, especially doing exercises like swings and turkish getups.

Another benefit to mixed martial artists of kettlebell training is hip power.

Kettlebell cleans are a great exercise to use in your MMA or kettlebell training workouts for developing hip power as well as a fundamental movement if you’re using KBs to bring the bell to the rack position for other exercises like squats and presses.

But I myself have had issues when I use a heavier bell with bruising my forearms.

kettlebell training

Results from kettlebell training… if you’re not using the tips in this post.

I even broke a watch cleaning a kettlebell one time because I forgot to take it off!

You may be thinking, “Don’t be such a pussy Eric, man up!”

The thing is if your S&C workouts either stop you from training MMA or negatively impact your MMA training, you’ve got to find ways to eliminate or minimize it.

It has nothing to do with being tough – just being smart.

So I asked my buddy Chris Lopez who is a certified kettlebell training instructor through some crazy Russian dude to show me how to clean a kettlebell properly so you don’t have to use lighter weights because you’re killing your forearms.

And of course, I filmed it for you, so I hope you enjoy the video.

I’ve made these changes to my technique and they’ve helped tremendously. I no longer beat my forearms up during kettlebell training workouts whenever I do the clean!

Kettlebell Training Technique Video – The Clean

>> Click Here to Learn More About Kettlebell Revolution 2.0 by Chris Lopez <<

Chris just launched version 2.0 this week.

Right now, he’s giving away 3 additional kettlebell training workouts!…

… but this offer ends this week, so make sure you check it out and if it’s right for you, pick it up.

Now, this is NOT a fight-prep program.

It’s good for general conditioning and for learning how to perform kettlebell exercises safely and effectively.

Again – it’s just another tool to have in your toolbox and investing in educating yourself always pays off more than you pay for it, but only if you put it to use…

In addition, after you take advantage of his bonus offer, I’ll hook you up with a kettlebell circuit workout that I asked Chris to design that would be beneficial for my MMA fighters – it’s an awesome circuit and yours free when you grab Chris’ Kettlebell Revolution program.

To claim this bonus kettlebell training circuit that Chris put me through that’s designed for MMA, grab Ketllebell Revolution 2.0 then enter your invoice # on the page here.


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Amarjit Rajkumar
Amarjit Rajkumar
9 years ago

I would seriously recommend Steve Cotter. He used to be a part of the Dragon door team, however he leads IKFF nowadays. Trust me the techniques he’s taught around the KB exercises has really helped me build my endurance while reducing injuries.

No wonder, his experience as a Girevoy sport participant really reflects upon his teaching.


9 years ago

Again you enlighten me, thanx Eric. Been using KB for a while now and tended to shy away from the clean due due sore wrists, i now know why and how to prevent.
Keep up the awesome blog posts

9 years ago

I use a pair of ankle weight aorund my wrists, protect my forearms and add a little extra weight to the exercise, try it.

I use to warm up with ankle and wrist weights, its funny.

9 years ago
Reply to  Antonio

That’s a good idea but I don’t think I could rock the ankle and wrist weights and be taken seriously. 🙂

9 years ago

Love the tips! Especially the vocabulary, which is very easy to grasp (i.e. Learn to generate float). Thanks guys!