Is Milk Good For You?

Is milk good for you?I got the question, “Is milk good for you?” over on my Ask EricWongMMA page from Shayne Greene.

I’ve gotten this question from lots of people.

So I decided to shoot a video where I talk about this topic, and give you a very powerful tool you can use to truly determine what foods (milk, wheat, corn, etc) are good for you and what foods aren’t so good for you.

I’m also sharing a super-powerful technique that you can use to help you determine EXACTLY what foods work best for your body.

It’s simple, but powerful. I highly suggest you put it to use ASAP.

Check out the video here:

Hope you enjoyed the different backdrop. 🙂

I went up to the cottage for 1 night only because my brother and his family were there for a few days. I haven’t seen my nieces since xmas so I had to make the trek up to hang out. They’ve grown so much!

Anyway, I hope I’ve helped empower you to make good food choices for YOU…

… not just based on what others say is good for you or not.

Nobody can tell you with certainty that a certain food or diet will work for your body, because all of our bodies are different.

However, there are certain general rules that we can follow that probably work best for most, such as eating natural whole foods vs. processed foods, drinking water vs. pop, etc.

But individual foods must be tested vs. your metabolism and nobody else’s.

Most fruits and veggies are well tolerated, as are most meats, but if you have a suspicion that something isn’t sitting well with you, test it and trust yourself and you’ll know for sure.


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8 years ago

I enjoyed your video. I think it’s a shame though that you dismissed the differences between raw milk and homogenized pasturized “milk” that you buy in most grocery store because you think it’s not available to most people. Raw healthy milk is becoming more available as health conscious people seek it out all over the country. To find it near you check here Also, check out local farmers markets and your local chapter of the Weston A Price Foundation to find healthy raw milk sources. IMO, Anyone who spends time working out should spend time finding sources for healthy clean food from local sources like farmers markets. We can’t expect our bodies to perform if they aren’t getting good fuel. I thought it’d be very difficult to find raw milk in AZ, since private sales are illegal, but it turns out there’s a Grade A raw milk diary less… Read more »

8 years ago

Great video. I can’t handle milk either. We were made drink milk in school: I was a gassy kid!
I gave up dairy after a friend recommended it. Big improvement for me: slowly re-introduced yogurt and cheese: body doesn’t seem to mind. I think the bacteria in yogurt and cheese eat up all the lactose.
Keep up the videos!

shayne green
8 years ago

Thanks very much for the reply…Great video and good information. I will try the elimination diet and see how my body responds. Thanks again!

8 years ago

I get major bubble gut action when I drink dairy milk, plus very loose bowels. Switched to almond milk, feel better and enjoy it even more. Cool vid. Got any info on how much fish a week to eat is safe, due to the whole mercury levels and all, and which to choose according to the balance between healthiest vs budget?