IQMMA Review

I was at the Iroquois MMA Championships this past weekend and I must say that I probably won’t be going back unless there is a very, very good card lined up.

I’m all for MMA in Ontario, but I don’t want to be a part of something that gives MMA a bad name, as I feel it’s already fighting an uphill battle in this province to get regulated.

Now they are doing some things very well. I mean the big screens and sounds system is pretty impressive for an event of this size.

But that’s about all I’m impressed with.

First of all, this was the second time I’ve been to one of these shows, and both started late (1 hour +). This just stinks of a lack of professionalism and respect for people’s time.

Unfortunately during the first fight, one fighters was badly hurt by an illegal elbow to the back of the head. Making things worse, the ref didn’t stop the fight and allowed the attacker to continue to drop bombs on his hapless opponent. The result – 45 minutes waiting for the ambulance to arrive and a mixed-martial artist who could’ve possibly been permanently injured.

Because of the lack of good refereeing, an athlete might be suffering for the rest of his life and the anti-MMA bandwagon may have just gotten some good ammo to keep MMA out of Ontario.

The rest of my problems are going into bullet points because I don’t feel like writing a 20 page essay:

  • They have a very long intermission. What MMA show has an intermission?
  • 2 Muay Thai fights instead of getting more of what we want, this is IQMMA not IQMMA+MT
  • Most fights ended quickly in the first round, showing poor match-making
  • They brought in two comedians who did 2 little performances that had me want to put myself into a rear naked choke and not let go

That’s all I have to say. I could say more but I’m getting depressed.

But at least the ring girls were pretty hot.

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11 years ago

Thanks for this review. I’d love to see MMA mainstream in Ontario & sanctioned professionally. I understand the sovereign nation argument, but, the event is marketted as the ONLY MMA in Ontario, all a $$ grab like the rest of the mickey mouse promos that pop-up, and somehow the IQMMA guys are affiliated,,hmmm, maybe they’re all the same bunch of $$ grabbers, who dont do shit to get the sport of MMA sanctioned in Ontario, only brag about how they have the only MMA in Ontario and theres nothing anyone can do about it. I call Bullshit on that, i think they LOVE the delays they’re putting on actual professional MMA coming to Ontario, they kinda have a monopoly going right now