How to not get bulky lifting weights, Part 2

From my previous post, you learned that to get a ripped, athletic looking body instead of the big, bulky, blown-up bodybuilder physique, you need to focus on compound movements instead of isolation exercises.

These are exercises like squats, deadlifts, lunges, chinups and bench presses. Now, in Part 2 of ‘How to not get bulky lifting weights’, we’re going to talk about how to setup your actual workouts.

Tip #2 – Use (mostly) full body routines.

With respect to isolation exercises, I said to minimize them, not eliminate them completely.

That doesn’t mean you do NO bicep curls, it just means your workout doesn’t consist of 8+ sets of bicep curls, like most people’s do!

So with respect to program design, you want to use mostly full body routines. Split routines are beneficial in some cases, but you have to know why you’re using them.

If you want to put on some muscle mass, then split routines can contribute to that goal.

BUT – out of a year, I would spend maybe 3 months on a split routine, the remaining 9 months being on some sort of full body routine. That’s because my goal is strength, power, athleticism, and leanness, not never-ending hypertrophy (muscle building).

Now what exactly is a full body routine? Here’s an example:

1) Squats
2) Chinups
3) Lunges
4) Bench press
5) Prone bridge

This routine is using every muscle in your body, for what your body was designed for – movement and core stability.

Compare this to your traditional ‘Chest + Biceps’ workout:

1) Bench press
2) Incline dumbbell press
3) Flys
4) Standing barbell curls
5) Hammer curls
6) Preacher curls

Let’s do a little visualization exercise here – I want you to picture the human body, and picture that the muscles
working are all turned red.

Now compare what the guy in the first workout looks like versus the second – he looks like he’s on FIRE compared to
the other guy!

Well that’s exactly what happens to your metabolism – it turns into a raging fire, helping you melt body fat all
over your body.

So that concludes Part 2 of my series on ‘How to not get bulky lifting weights’ where we look at the actual workout.

Part 3 is going to put what you learned in Part 1 and 2 all together for you.

Stay tuned,

Eric Wong, BSc, CSCS
MMA Performance Coach

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