‘Freedom for All Ring Sports #4’ – Kickboxing Event Highlights

Love the name and goal of this kickboxing event – to help bring MMA to Ontario.

We need MMA in Ontario. Bad. I can’t keep going to Montreal for events – I’ll get fat on poutine and smoked meat sandwiches! Il y a delicieux!!!

Anyway, I cornered 7 fighters – we had a big crew up at the event and it was a good time.

Congrats to Matt, Kyle, Jason, Justin, Bill, Chris, and Joe for competing and laying it all on the line.

You’ve gotta watch the first clip – Matt hits a low blow, and the ref doesn’t jump in and his opponent is just standing there, he pops him, not once, but twice! Hilarious!

I mean come on, it was his first fight, and it was the ref’s job to step in. Either way it was funny and it was good that the kid didn’t get hurt.

Here’s the vid:

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