Exercise to Help You Escape the Mount

This exercise is a simple and powerful one that you can use to develop strength and power in a similar movement pattern that you use when trying to escape the mount.

Obviously, escaping the mount is more than just strength and power.

You’ve got to know the proper technique.

Can anyone direct me to this gym. I’d like to do some, uhhh, tutorials.

But even more so, you’ve got to make your opponent think you’re doing something else before you try to escape, to throw him off.


You sneaky devil, you.

So you could crank his neck down so he postures up then bridge and shrimp out.Or you could fake going for a kimura then when he goes to defend his arm with his other arm, you could bridge him off.

Those are just two simple ideas that you can try.

Whatever you do, don’t telegraph your move.

Be relaxed, then BAM – explode with your escape attempt.

With this exercise, when you’re on the ground, relax everything, including your arm. Just let it rest on your body.

Then BAM – explode up.

This will train the exact movement pattern and relaxation-activation you need to surprise opponents to escape their mount.

And now, the exercise you’ve been waiting for. I call it the Hip Thrust + Press:

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Thanks Eric, I’ll add that one to my routine.


I shall incorparate that exercise in to my routine.


Ex-cell-ent (as I tap my fingers evilly in front of me a la Mr. Burns)

Tim martin
Tim martin

Right now, in my training, I do core/abs at the end of my routine.
Should I do this as a core workout, should I throw it in with my upper-body work, or should I pair it with my lower-body work? I know this is probably a silly question, because I can probably go with either, but I would like to know where you would put it?


Yeah, for this one, it doesn’t matter much because it’s all of the above, but I’d probably throw it in with lower body work near the start because it won’t fatigue your lower body much and will serve as a bit of a glute activation warmup, while allowing you to be fresh so you can do it with power.

Rocci Williams
Rocci Williams

would that exercise work using a “grappler” for example – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ixQ404N0UY0


You might be able to get in the right position with the Grappler – you’ll have to try it to know.


Hi Eric, I’m working my way through your US&C programme right now. What’s the best way to incorporate this exercise into the programme – days, exercise syntax, sets, reps, etc. Cheers. 🙂


Yo Tom,

Awesome to hear. How’s it going so far?

You can slot it in during the Power Phase – Day 1 workout instead of the 1-arm DB Press. I’d use the same reps/rest/sets as outlined for the 1-arm DB Press.

Or you can slot it in with the Day 1 Medicine Ball workout as the last exercise. For this one, I’d do 2-4 sets with 3-4 reps per side and resting 1-2 mins. You want maximal rest here so just go when you feel recovered.


Top response, thank you. 🙂