Dedication + BJJ Workout = Gold Medal!

If you’ve been following this blog for any length of time, you know that I like to feature fighters and athletes on here that have used my programs with great success…

Well Josh is an awesome success story, as he first started with my Ultimate MMA S&C program in January of this year.

From what I recall, he followed the program and Nutrition-itsu guide that comes with it and combined with his BJJ training, ended up losing heaps of weight [Josh, if you could fill in the details in the Comments section below, it’d be much appreciated]

Anyway, Josh continued training BJJ and most recently used my Python Power program in preparation for the Pan Pacific Jiu Jitsu Championships, where he took GOLD!

Ultimate MMA S&C + Python Power + Hard Work = GOLD!

Way to go man!

I asked Josh how he thought Python Power helped him, and here’s what he had to say:

Awesome stuff!

If you’re a grappler/BJJ practitioner and you’re interested in getting more powerful submissions, improving your grip strength, and taking your cardio to the next level, I suggest you follow Josh’s lead:

  1. Ultimate MMA S&C Program (8-16 weeks depending on the template you follow)
  2. Python Power Program (6 weeks)

If you’re training for a competition, you’ll want to stop Python Power 2 weeks before the comp so you can focus on hard rolling.

Go for it!

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9 years ago

Hey Eric,

I just realized you posted this on the blog but here are the stats from starting off working out of the MMA program:

I am 5’7 and at the time i started I was 180ibls. After 7 months I am 155ibs. Also my blood pressure was a scary 180 over 120 and now is 110 over 70. My bodyfat dropped from 28% down to 15%.

9 years ago

First off, I’ll say I’ve never trained in BJJ…the only thing I know is what I watch on Youtube or through UFC fights. My understanding though is that the strength of BJJ as a martial art is that it relies on the physics of leverage applied on weak areas and/or joints of the body. So a guy like Royce Gracie who was never physically imposing could still submit guys much bigger and stronger than him based on skill rather than strength.

So while arm strength is helpful, wouldn’t a person be better off perfecting the technique for various BJJ maneuvers?

I suppose all other factors being equal between two competitors, having killer arm and strength would give you the edge.

9 years ago
Reply to  Keith

“I suppose all other factors being equal between two competitors, having killer arm and strength would give you the edge.”

That’s the ticket… 🙂

You want to rely on technique as much as possible, but when technique fails or is thwarted, S&C is just another weapon you can use to win the fight.

9 years ago
Reply to  Keith

@ keith I do BJJ and you are right, technique is the most important. That’s why if you click on the python power link then Eric will tell you that if your Bjj skill is on a low level, then the program isn’t for you. But also you need a lot of strength too. Especially for chokes, other submissions, and defending against submissions. Also it will condition you to roll longer without getting tired, which results in faster learning.

@ Eric Although I have one question, does the python power have any neck strengthening workouts?