Build Strength and Power

How To Efficiently Build Strength
And Power For Martial Arts

You might’ve heard that lifting weights will make you slow.

Well, if you’re lifting weights like most people do, which is based on old-school bodybuilding methods, then yes, you will get slow.

Not to mention bulky and tight…


However, once you discover how to lift weights, whether it’s a barbell, dumbbell, kettlebell or your own bodyweight, properly and specifically for martial arts, you’ll see just how much faster, more powerful and better conditioned you can be.

Here’s an example: let’s say someone is on top of you in full mount…

You can Bench Press 150 pounds for 1 rep, while your opponent weighs 150 pounds.

If you exert all your energy trying to push them off (I know this is not proper technique for escaping the mount, but bear with me) then after 1 attempt, you can no longer exert 150 pounds of force.

Fatigue will set in and the end will be near.

However, let’s say your Bench Press is 200 pounds.

Now, it’s possible for you to muscle your opponent off of you and you can try a number of times (probably 10-12 attempts) before tiring out.

This is how building strength can simultaneously increase your conditioning.

And once you’ve developed a solid base of strength, with the proper programming you can turn it into power and ultimately, POWER ENDURANCE.

The key to all of this is choosing the right exercises and performing them in good form for the right number of sets and reps while choosing the right weight and rest periods when you train.

Then, it’s all about ensuring you’re following a progressive, periodized program that prevents you from hitting a plateau and builds your fitness step-by-step.

These are the variables you need to manipulate to ensure consistent progression with the minimum amount of time and energy dedicated to strength and conditioning.

Because when you do it right, you’ll spend less time in the weight room and more time honing your technique and martial arts skills, not to mention recovering from your hard work.

THIS is the path to mastery and this is how the best athlete’s in the world train, no matter what the sport.

And it’s how you should train too if your time is valuable and you want to get the best and fastest results possible.

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