Discover How Tight Your Shoulders Really
Are With These 4 Quick Tests

Here's what you'll discover in today's video presentation:

  • The difference between PASSIVE vs. ACTIVE assessments for your shoulder flexibility... and why you need BOTH
  • 4 problems with the most common approach taken to improve flexibility
  • How to assess your passive shoulder flexibility and what that means for how your body functions and feels
  • 2 active shoulder flexibility assessments you can do right away

After you watch the presentation, I want to know why YOU want to improve your shoulder flexibility and what that will give you??

For example, "I want to improve your shoulder flexibility because it's keeping you from training and now I'm the most out of shape I've ever been and fixing it will help me feel better about myself and get back to doing the things I love."

Hit me up with your answer in the Comments below:

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