The poo was a big factor, but this was the final straw…

[Side note: if you caught the oh-so subtle double-entendre there, you get a GOLD star from Mr. Wong the English teacher]

Here’s my first attempt at decreasing my coffee intake from 2 cups per day:

This was back in January…

Did it work?

Not really. But I didn’t really want to lower my coffee intake. I kinda did, but I had no reason to other than vague notions of too much coffee not being good for me.

Everyday, I’d have at least the amount above and sometimes a little more. I might go a day without, but it was rare. You see, it’s not just the taste of coffee that I like. It’s the whole process. Instead of a fancy-pants coffee machine, I’ve got a vintage grinder that requires manual labour that I found in an antique store and a french press. Old school. Keepin’ it real, yo.

So kind of like how smokers are as much in love with the motion of lighting a cigaraette in the wind, deftly blocking the wind with their body and hand while timing that first inhale perfectly to get the maximum smoke in on the first drag, as they are the actual smoke, I’m as in love with the process of putting the water in the water boiling robot, measuring the ideal amount of beans out in my hand; listening to the pleasing sounds of the beans being ground as I turn and turn; taking a single whiff of the freshly broken beans; adding the bubbling water to the patiently waiting ground coffee, then after a few highly anticipatory minutes, applying perfect pressure to plunge the day’s brew.

Houston, we have a problem.

So when we went to Chicago, I was planning on taking a coffee break. I couldn’t cheat on my ritual. But in our hotel room, we had one of those single-serve Keurig coffee robots, where you place the little plastic container of grounds in the slot, put in a cup of water and voila – a hot cup of coffee ready to go. This wouldn’t normally be a problem, but the shit was FREE.

You know I’m Chinese. With that comes various inherent behavioural tendencies, such as changing lanes without checking the blind spot and casually driving  away from the scene of the 6 car pile-up behind you at 20 km/h below the speed limit like nothing happened, because in fact, in your mind nothing DID happen since you still have not checked any rear facing mirrors to see the chaos you’ve created.

Ignorance is bliss.

So unless you have close friends, what you might not know about my species is that more than most, we like and take full advantage of FREE. That’s why I have countless bottles of hotel soaps, lotions, shampoo and conditioner (I don’t even use conditioner) sitting in my drawer, waiting for new friends to arrive. Because they will arrive the next time I get back from a trip where I stayed in a hotel.

As you’ve probably guessed, the hotel offered free coffee. So I used Keurig daily. Sometimes twice a day. I think even THRICE a day on an occasion (maybe two).

And on returning home, I was faced with a dilemma – a pile of work waiting for me. Emails gone unanswered. Clients to train. And NO COFFEE BEANS.

Whatever. No big deal. I’ll just do what I was planning on doing anyway – take a break.

Well, Day 1 of my return to the TDot (Toronto for those of you who aren’t into Canadian hip-hop slang, which would probably be 98.3% of you) was fine. I was occupied with my duties for most of the day so I had no time to think about anything else. I wasn’t pooing either so I got a lot of stuff done.

Day 2 = trouble.

You see, I rarely get headaches. Maybe after a night of serious boozing, but those nights are few and far between in my old age and I’ve got a kick-ass hangover secret that works like charm in case it does happen, so I can’t even remember the last time I had a headache.

And generally, I’ve got enough energy for TWO people. I might settle down for a nap 2-3 times a week, but they last for 20 minutes max before I’m up and at ‘em.

But on Day 2 of my return, I could barely stay awake. And my head was throbbing. Not enough to force me to take any poison pain killers, but enough to make me notice and not ever want to deal with that shit again.

The light at the end of the tunnel was that I realized what was up and I realized that this would go away in a few days, as long as I could live and function with the energy swings and brain throb. Which I could. But it was not enjoyable.

So that, my brother, is why I decided to get help. Now normally I’d do what I always do, which is figure shit out on my own. But because I was backed up, both with work and with my poo problems, I figured I’d reach out to a buddy whom I both respected and knew could help me out.

Enter E.T.

You’ll probably understand why I call him E.T. after seeing his pic… But don’t tell him – he doesn’t know I call him E.T. – yet.

So I phoned E.T. at home (heh, heh, heh) and we chatted for just under an hour. After our talk, he sent me some stuff. After reading through it, I knew I had to share some of his knowledge with you.

You see, I haven’t been talking much about nutrition lately. But after reading his materials, I knew I’d been doing you a disservice. Nutrition is such a key component to reaching any of your goals, whether they be for the optimum physique or performance.

And there’s a lot of bunk floating around out there that’s just adding to the confusion and mis-information. Therefore I promise to devote more time and energy to teaching you what I know and what really works for me and my clients, and introducing you to people who can do the same.

And that’s where I will end this chapter, with a good read from my friend E.T.

Inside, you’ll find a few different topics that I”ll be discussing as part of my CHICAGO diet.

The premise of this 29 page report is on increasing your energy naturally. Kind of along the lines of the video I made about the coconut oil concoction to fuel your workouts, but a lot broader and more in-depth.

Get it, read it, think about it, and I’ll be back on Monday to go more in-depth about some of the topics contained within.


(If you do not know how to download the file by now, I will pray for you)

Eric “I Love FREE” Wong

P.S. You tell me if he looks like E.T. or not. I think so, but we’ll see what the majority says…

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