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There are 3 aspects to powerDOJO that set it apart from anything out there in the fitness world. I’ll be explaining exactly what these 3 aspects are and how they’ll help you, starting with the powerDOJO Belt System.

But first, I have to explain one thing that powerDOJO is NOT:

powerDOJO is NOT just another workout program.

I wouldn’t have introduced it to you the way that I am if it was.

I would’ve just been like, “This program will give you ____ (benefit) in ____ (amount of time).”

That’s all that would have been necessary.

What I’ve found missing from most workout programs (including my own) is something to measure yourself against and keep you moving forward, building on what you’ve already achieved.

Following a program and getting the results promised is great. I hope that I’ve been able to create programs that meet and exceed your expectations.

But then you’re left to decide how to progress, and you may follow another one of my programs, or another trainer’s.

And you get the results promised from that program, but what often happens is that the results you’ve achieved from the previous program are lost, somtimes in part, sometimes totally.

Or, you might be one of those whose level of fitness is always going up and down, but never gets past a certain plateau.

It’s this gap that is filled by powerDOJO.

powerDOJO is NOT for most people. I am not like most people.

You are NOT like most people.

I know this because you’ve been hanging around my blog, listening to the concepts I share and using the techniques I teach.

The average Joe looking for six-pack abs or big biceps would’ve been gone after a week or two.

It’s you, the martial artist or the guy who loves MMA or the traditional martial arts whom I’ve created powerDOJO for.

The guy who loves working out and the feelings of strength and confidence that come with every painful rep you push yourself through. The guy who plans on training for the next 5, 10 or even 50 years, but wants to continually take it to the next level. The man who knows the value of building his house on a strong foundation.

But what is the next level?

Enter the powerDOJO Belt System. 

According to various sources online, the coloured belt system for ranking martial arts students was started by Jigoro Kano, who founded Judo in 1882. It is thought that he adopted the idea from the Japanese school system, which used coloured belts to rank its athletes.

Like Kano, I’ve borrowed the coloured belt system to rank athletes. Fitness athletes – like you.

There are seven powerDOJO Belts: White, Yellow, Orange, Blue, Purple, Brown and Black, each with their own specific tests of your fitness ability that must be displayed before achieving the next Belt.

Each belt in powerDOJO includes programs that will help you get to the next level. As you progress, the programs become more advanced and detailed in their periodization and execution. Each program is a perfect match for your current level.

There is a logical progression from White to Black. For example, you’ll build Symmetry before Strength, so you don’t build strength on an imbalanced body.

Another example is developing Power after Strength, as you can’t be explosive without first being strong.

These are 2 of the many different thought processes that have gone into the powerDOJO Belt System.

It’s just like taking Karate. As a White Belt, you learn the basics, like your stance, simple footwork and basic kicks and punches.

When you become a Yellow Belt, you can’t just forget all those skills, you must build upon them while learning more advanced skills to progress and earn your Orange Belt.

This is what I’ve attempted to do in all of my previous programs, but what I’ve taken to the next level in powerDOJO.

So if you’ve ever had trouble following programs to completion or keeping results you’ve achieved, the powerDOJO Belt System allows you to build your foundation and stay focused working towards specific goals that require continuous improvement.

powerDOJO is influenced by one other aspect of Karate…

Just like how Karate has its Kata, which is a series of techniques strung together, achieving the next powerDOJO Belt requires passing the powerDOJO Kata, which are a sequence of exercises that integrate and test the various fitness abilities you’ve developed, together.

Because it’s one thing to do a punch in isolation, but another to do a punch followed by a kick followed by movement and more punches and kicks.

Same goes with exercises. The ability to execute proper form of exercises in the presence of fatigue.

But perhaps the most important aspect of the belt system is that it promotes a long-term approach while simultaneously keeping you motivated with short-term goals.

Yes, you ultimately want your Black Belt. But if you’re an Orange Belt right now, your main focus is on getting your Blue.

One word on the powerDOJO Black Belt – as a Black Belt you’ll display a high level of proficiency in five key Biomotor Abilities: strength, relative strength endurance, cardio, agility and power.

These five areas are part of the next unique feature of powerDOJO:

The powerDOJO Fitness Profile.

Click here to learn all about the powerDOJO Fitness Profile and let me show you how it’s evolved through the years, from its initial conception while I was training Jeff Joslin, the first mixed martial artist I ever worked with, to when I set foot inside the Octagon with Claude Patrick after his UFC debut victory.

I still remember the feeling of being in the Octagon like it happened yesterday…


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