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powerDOJO has been something in the making since at least 2004, when I started my first blog, which I won’t reveal here (I will reveal it to those who get in on the inside, though). I just didn’t know it then.

powerDOJO’s development continued when I got and quickly quit my first job a mere 5 months later as a Personal Trainer in a big box gym to start my own business. I couldn’t handle their shady policies or being associated with some of the other so-called “Fitness Professionals” who were more out of shape than their clients!

The concepts, ideas, programs and strategies you’ll discover inside hit a growth spurt when I decided to follow my heart and change my focus from training fat ladies to MMA fighters. What a good call that was.

MMA attracted me not only because I’m genetically programmed to throw kicks and punches while screaming, “Watahhhhhhhh!” but because the physical (and mental) demands are so varied, they provided a serious challenge to my abilities as a trainer, which ignited (ignit?) the passion inside of me to become the best trainer I could.

I devoured books and went to seminars and workshops with one question in my mind,

“How can I use this to help my fighters be the best they can be?”

But in this business transition, I hit many obstacles, not the least of which was the fact that many fighters tend to live at best, paycheque to paycheque, unable to afford the (somewhat ridiculous) hourly training rates I charged. Man’s gotta eat!

Fortunately, like they often do, this obstacle forced me to think laterally to make the money I needed while still doing what I loved.

So I decided to package my knowledge up in a different way, one in which I could provide a complete fight-prep program for the cost of one session. The Ultimate MMA Strength and Conditioning Program was born, which actually started out as a 4 hour workshop delivered to small groups of mixed martial artists.

Little did I know that this would increase the demand for my services, and because I loved training fighters, if I didn’t want to stay up until 2am every night writing programs, I had to develop an efficient method of assessment and prescription.

Enter the powerDOJO Fitness Profile.

A small number of you (former IZ members, before I closed the doors) have heard of this before as my ‘MMA Fitness Profile’.

Those of you whom I’ve trained personally have been taken through this process first-hand.

It’s an assessment system I’ve developed that shows me exactly what area of fitness is lacking  and allows me to create a specific program to shore up weaknesses, while ensuring strengths don’t diminish.


I’ve been developing and using it from when I first trained my man Jeff “The Inferno” Joslin in 2006; I used it to prep Claude Patrick for his UFC debut victory at UFC 115 in Vancouver, which was also my first time inside the Octagon with a fighter I trained; and I continue to use and refine it today as I continue to learn and grow myself as a trainer.

Great hair and computer skills!

With the progress of technology and a lot of time and effort (and a few thousand bucks) leading a programming team from the former Soviet Union, I’ve been able to make this technology available to you, so you know exactly what area of fitness is lacking, while providing programs to address these deficiencies.

The main components of fitness you’ll be assessed on are Symmetry, Endurance, Cardio, Strength, Power and Agility – fundamental Biomotor abilities required for MMA and every other sport in the world.

BUT REMEMBER – building Strength on an imbalanced foundation will only lead to collapse, which is why early on as a White and Yellow Belt, creating a balanced body is the primary focus.

As you advance further, the tests become more difficult not just in terms of more weight and/or reps, but also more complex exercises, so you’re always forcing your body and mind to adapt and you continue to make gains.

Combine this with the Belt System, which clearly defines your current fitness goals keeping you motivated while giving you the programs suited to your current fitness ability, you WILL make consistent progress and gain on results previously achieved.

Now, I’ve got another part of my “dream” that I’d like to share with you…

My dream and goal is to coach and guide you to becoming a powerDOJO Black Belt.

I’ve set a goal for myself to have awarded 100 powerDOJO Black Belts before January 1, 2016.

This is unlike many of my friends and colleagues who have mission statements like, “I want to help Ten Hundred Bazillion people change their lives by 2018”.

While inspiring, these types of mission statements never resonated with me.

It’s part of why I had so much trouble coming up with my own. I would always think, “How do you know when you’ve reached this?”

If the measurement was by # of products sold, my next question would be, “How do you know the person buying the product is actually benefiting from it?”

That’s why my goal to train 100 powerDOJO Black Belts resonates with me so strongly.


It’s specific, measurable and achieveable, and it’ll force me to stretch and be the best coach I can be. Part of that is providing the tools, programs and support you need to make it happen – which is what powerDOJO is all about.

It’s also a small #, which is awesome.

I’ve never been a big corporate type of guy. I prefer mom and pop shops to Wal-fucking-Mart.

I also love the idea of being in a tight-knit circle; a team; a family; not some humongous group where I don’t know Patrick from Aaron or Michael from Andrew.

DISCLAIMER: Not everyone will be able to become a powerDOJO Black Belt. I can’t guarantee it. It’s not easy.

But the qualities that will make you succeed probably aren’t what you think: things like the right genes, being young, total life devotion, or being rich and famous. These things aren’t necessary at all.

I’m not sure who said it but the saying, “If you shoot for the moon, even if you miss you’ll land amongst the stars,” is what will happen if you set becoming a powerDOJO Black Belt as your goal.

Being a Purple or Brown Belt will mean you’re pretty fuckin’ fit, please excuse my language.

Let’s talk about what it takes to become a Black Belt for a sec…

There are 19 exercise tests that you must pass to become a Black Belt.

For example, if you weigh 170 lbs, one of your Strength tests is a Deadlift 1RM of 2.25 x your Bodyweight, which would be 382 lbs. Might seem like a pipe dream or you might even be able to lift this amount already, especially if you’ve been following my stuff. 😉

One of the Black Belt Endurance tests is to perform 15 Muscleups. But if you can’t perform 1 Muscleup right now, you’ll start your Muscleup training as a Blue Belt and you need to be able to perform just 3 Muscleups to fulfill the Blue Belt requirements.

And, leading up to that, you’ll be working on your Pullup strength, which is a precursor to being able to hit your first Muscleup.

[features_box_light_green width=”80%” + border=”3px”]Those of you who have been training (intelligently) will probably progress to Blue Belt rather quickly. You’ll still have to perform each belt’s Kata and ensure your body is balanced by hitting all the requirements, but for many of you, you’re a lot closer than you think to the powerDOJO Black Belt… But once you get to Blue Belt, that’s when the real fun begins. :)[/features_box_light_green]

You now have an idea of what’s gone into creating this system.

This is where I’ve spent most of my time over the last few months, and a lot of mental energy in the years before that.

powerDOJO is me taking my years of education and experiential knowledge gained training fighters and putting it together to create a roadmap for you to become a powerDOJO Black Belt.

There are so many elements that have gone into powerDOJO that it would be impossible for me to explain everything in detail. You truly will have to see it for yourself.[/content_box]

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