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  • Suzy Rezac

    Reply Reply August 31, 2016

    For the past year I have been fighting chronic rotator cuff tendinitis in both shoulders & bicep tendinitis (R. arm only).( I have had it in both elbows in the past as well) It is definitely from over-compensation from a “Spondy” Spine slippage I got a year ago, in L4. (grade 2 slip) My joints are hyper-mobile. Shoulders, elbows, low back. (not hips and knees), which has lead to my injuries. Too much flexibility, without the proper core and shoulder stabilization, has been my problem. I am a personal trainer that has over-used my body for many years. Dancing, body-building, teaching group exercise, hiking, diving, cheerleading, do I need to go on? I still want to keep strong and age gracefully and with dignity and help heal and train smart along the way. I am still actively personal training clients, primarily age 50+, and I am FAI certified now, which is how I found you. (Yay!!) Your videos and instruction have done wonders, already. However, I am still in too much pain, to progress, just yet. I am looking forward to learning more from you, as I heal and get stronger! Thank you Eric!

  • Frank

    Reply Reply August 22, 2016

    Eric, When it came to the last question about joint impingement, I answered Yes but it wasn’t due to bone-on-bone. I stopped due to a slight discomfort from the a biceps tendon. I have a chronic rotator cuff issue in the right shoulder. So when it comes to overhead BB presses I have to be very aware of the path of the bar. Mostly that it is more forward than directly overhead. I stay away from behind the neck presses. So that may have changed my score from “Fair” to the next rating! LOL Thanks. This video was very educational. I do have the SFS program and incorporate some of the exercises. I am currently doing Vince Del Monte’s NNMB 2.0 and am starting week 12 today. I do warm up and stretch the shoulders prior to sessions.

  • Earl

    Reply Reply August 19, 2016

    Hi Eric,

    I’ve had your SFS (after using your HFS for a year) for a short while now and have just gone through the assessment/videos etc. The issue that I originally purchased the program for is a mild, but persistent left, rotational cuff issue that Ive had for about six months now.
    In completing the assement, I identified a weakness in the overhead press/flexsion movement. I’m hoping that addressing this issue will allow the healing of my rotator cuff to speed up.
    In trying the strength test in your scapular health test, I noticed that I really have to concentrate to keep my elbows locked in order to perform the test correctly.
    My question is, am I on the correct path in following the overhead remediation exercises to address the lack of movement quality in moving my arms overhead, my rotator cuff pain and my lack of quality scapular movement ability?

    • Eric Wong

      Reply Reply August 20, 2016

      Yes, you are definitely on the right path and keep paying attention to the content I’ll be sharing as it will aid in your recovery.

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