FSB Step 6: Coaching and Community

The Fight Shape Blueprint

Step 6: Coaching and Community

On this page, I’ll be sharing a very personal story with you that has resulted in a complete change in the way I do business and illustrates the need for Coaching and Community in achieving your goals.

Going forward, you will not be able to purchase any programs from me any more and I’ll be shutting my current sites down.

I’ve been called “CRAZY” for doing this…

… but I know in my heart it’s the right move, because by doing so, I can provide you with 10x the value than I did in the past and do what I’ve been put on this earth to do.

I’ve learned how I’ve been letting you down through the struggles my family has been going through over the past few months with my daughter’s eczema…

The following is a very difficult picture for me to post, but if you’re reading this, it’s because I know you’ve been following me for a while and I trust you, so this will give you an idea of what we’ve been battling.

This is my poor baby girl about 2 months ago:


And this was actually far from her at her worst…

Needless to say, she didn’t feel good, wasn’t eating well, or sleeping and cried most of the day out of discomfort.

It was truly heart-breaking.

We did everything we could – we switched all of our soaps, laundry detergents and shampoos, bought air filters, my wife eliminated many possible allergenic foods and when none of this worked, we consulted with numerous practitioners including multiple doctors and dermatologists, 2 naturopaths, a homeopath, nutritionist, allergist and even a Traditional Chinese Medicine doc.

Obviously, the main issue was the fact that their recommendations didn’t help.

But what made life even more stressful was the utter lack of support.

We’d get a treatment plan then they’d tell us, “Come back in 3 weeks” (or like one dermatologist said, 3 months!)…

If we had questions, it was next to impossible to get an answer and because Livia’s eczema changed so drastically from day-to-day, it was a stressful time not knowing what was happening or having any support.

draronThen, we found a dermatologist from the UK who did consults online…

We looked at his site and he seemed credible…

We then found a Facebook group setup by former patients of his and read success story after success story with a few with babies similar to ours, so we decided to consult with him.

We paid the fee, sent in the info and pics requested and received a prompt response with his prescription and other helpful tips within 24 hours.

But the best part was this line in his reply:

“If you have any questions email me immediately, otherwise
update me in 5 days after beginning the regimen.”

Finally, someone had our back and was ready to help guide us through this difficult journey!

And luckily we had his support, because we hit a speed bump 5 days into treatment, which required the doctor to consult with our pharmacist to figure out a new mixture of the prescription cream since Livia had an allergic reaction to something in the original formula.

After getting the new mixture, we had 2 major serbacks in the 2nd and 3rd weeks of treatment that had us questioning our decision.

But every time we stumbled, we reached out and received advice and now, I can honestly say that without his support, we surely would’ve given up and wrote his treatment off as another failed attempt.

Plus, we’d post questions in the Facebook community and received quick answers or just reassurance from former and current patients of his that we were doing the right things.

The support made ALL the difference.

Without it, we surely would’ve given up.

But we stuck with it and after 4 weeks, this is the result:


It’s this experience that’s motivated me to change the way I do things…

Here’s why:

The sad reality is that many of the people who buy my programs don’t use them.

I hate this, because I know the results I can deliver and that many have achieved.

So I’ve surveyed a select group of these peeps and found the following reasons why they don’t use my programs:

  • They buy it with good intentions then simply forget about it
  • Something new comes along that sounds better so they jump to that
  • They're CONFUSED about how to get started so they don't
  • They're not confident they're following the program and/or doing the exercises properly
  • They start but then don't know how to do something and stop

Have you stopped yourself for any of these reasons?

I know I have.

Even with the best intentions (and after spending a lot of money) I’ve done this to myself.

But I don’t want this to happen to you with my programs, because I know the results you can get from them if you pick the right one for your situation and stick with it to the end.

So in addition to ALL of my programs, when you join powerDOJO you’re also getting:

1) Me as your COACH…

… where you can ask and get a prompt response DIRECTLY FROM ME whether it’s for any modifications to programs you may need based on your available equipment, injury history or anything else (this was impossible for me to do before but once you become a member of the DOJO, you become my valued client).

First and foremost, I am a COACH and when you join powerDOJO, instead of spending my time and energy on marketing and selling stuff, I can spend it coaching YOU.

Because when you join me inside powerDOJO, you’re saying,

“Eric, I trust you and I want you to be my Coach…”

… and I take that VERY SERIOUSLY.

When you enlist a good coach, he not only gives you the plan to help you reach your goals, but provides accountability and support to make sure you get there.

Accountability is what happens when someone you trust holds you to your HIGHER self.

Trust is key to making this relationship work because without it, you won’t take the coach’s word seriously.

It’s when they’re willing to put themselves on the line by calling you out and I am willing to do that for you, my friend.

My guess is that right now, it’s either you choose me to be your Coach, or you try to do it yourself.

Which choice do you think will get you better results?

Then that’s the choice to make and joining powerDOJO is how you get me to be your Coach so if you’re ready, choose the best option for you to join right now:

2) Powerful TOOLS…

… such as the Workout Tracker that I’ve developed so you can quickly and easily log your workouts and see  your results visually over time, the Video Vault that includes hundreds of in-depth instructional and more.

Take a peek behind-the-scenes at all of the features of powerDOJO here:


3) A Strong COMMUNITY…

… of like-minded, goal-oriented individuals to provide you with additional support, motivation and accountability.

A strong community is critical because whenever you try to “break the mold” and change your life for the better, some of the people closest to you suddenly start acting like crabs in a bucket and will say things or make snide little remarks to try and keep you down.

This likely isn’t conscious on their part, but it’s common because when someone close to them improves their life, it forces them to look at their own life and relatively speaking, it looks like they’re taking a step backwards when in fact, they haven’t moved at all – it’s just YOU that’s moved forward.

That’s why these “crabs” keep the people around them down – so they don’t feel bad about themselves.

And this is where being a part of a strong COMMUNITY plays a huge role.

When you’re a part of a strong community filled with positive energy and people rooting for you, it can tip the balance in favour of you and your goals.

In the book “Switch”, authors Chip and Dan Heath talk describe a study of how soldiers broke their drug addictions (mainly to opium) that they acquired in the field during the Vietnam War…


It wasn’t through a 12 step program, a pharmaceutical drug for weaning or any psychotherapy…

In fact, what worked was quite simple – the soldiers simply had to return to their old COMMUNITY.

The reason why it worked is because in their old community, everyone treated them like the people they used to be and expected them to act like they used to, instead of like a drug addict.

Plus, they weren’t surrounded by other drug addicted soldiers, so instead of remaining addicted and feeling out of place in the community, they simply kicked their habit and blended back in.

The results were astonishing – 20% of soldiers that returned became addicted to opium and for those who returned to their communities, only 1% remain addicted, which was the same rate as before the soldiers went to Vietnam.

This is the POWER of COMMUNITY

Unfortunately, many of us are surrounded by people who aren’t striving to achieve anything worthwhile, whether it’s at the office, in your circle of friends, or even within your family.

The thing is, you may not be able to extract yourself from these communities, but you can immerse yourself into a community like powerDOJO filled with the type of people you want to be like and be around.

Just imagine…

  • You were surrounded by people who regularly shared new feats of strength, like Josh who recently hit a new PERSONAL BEST in the Back Squat...
  • Or guys sharing how good it feels to get their body fat to under 10% for the first time in their lives...
  • Or hearing about people twice your age like Harry, Maggie and Alan, pushing through workouts that make even pro athletes huff and puff.

You can’t help but get fired up and motivated and filled with the belief that you CAN achieve your goals TOO!

With the experience with my daughter, I know that providing you with my programs, as well as my Coaching and a powerful Community is a far better solution to help you achieve your goals.


  • A pro fighter looking to step into the cage in the best shape of your life
  • A competitive or recreational martial artist who wants to perform at your potential
  • Someone into functional, well-rounded fitness who appreciates new and innovate workouts
  • In need of expert guidance in overcoming injuries and pain
  • Looking for the most time-efficient programs because you've got a busy life
  • Wanting to avoid information overload, confusion and constant over-hyped sales pitches for new workout and diet fads

… because inside powerDOJO, you will get what you need.

So, instead of shelling out $125 per hour to hire me as your Strength and Conditioning Coach or $299 per month for 1-on-1 Online Coaching, you get all of my programs and my support when you need it for a mere fraction of the price.

And when you join right now, you’re getting ALL of the Premium Programs I’ve published since starting this online thing in 2008 for FREE, including:


Best of all – you’ll get me to guide you to picking the best program(s) for your goals.

Now, because I’m in the midst of making this drastic change to my business, you can lock in at the lowest charter member rate and I’m waiving the 1st month initiation fee of $99 and giving you a discount on the regular $39 monthly fee, so you can join by investing just $29 now and you’ll be billed $29 starting 1 month from today and each month thereafter… and this special rate is LOCKED in for life as long as you remain a member.

That means you’re saving $70 today and $10 every month as long as you remain a member. 

Not too shabby when you consider the fact that you’re getting well over $724 of real value (this is what thousands of my customers have paid for these programs).

You’re getting access to all of the features of powerDOJO, my Coaching and the Community and access to all of the Premium Programs I’ve published since 2008 for just $29 today – this really is a NO-BRAINER, so sign up now:

Or, if you know powerDOJO is perfect for you, pick the annual option and save even more and get locked in at $249 per year as long as you remain a member vs. the regular annual price of $349.

Join now and instead of paying the initiation fee of $99 today and $39 each month thereafter, you pay just $29 today and if you decide to remain a member, you will automatically be rebilled at the discounted rate of $29 every month. Easily cancel at anytime by sending an email to support@powerdojo.com.

Here are the 5 Most Powerful Ways to Use Your powerDOJO Membership:

  1. Post your goals, current fitness and injury/movement restrictions and receive guidance on what the best program is for you, including any necessary modifications  for things like injuries or available equipment
  2. Use the Workout Tracker to log all of your workouts, which will help me help you when you’ve got a specific training question
  3. Post a video of you doing an exercise and I (and other members) will give you tips and pointers on how to improve your form (just 1 tip could prevent an injury that would sideline you for months
  4. Get anything you need clarified so you can move forward with complete confidence that you’re doing the right thing
  5. Join the Workout of the Month and/or Monthly KUMITE to get a little extra motivation and you can even compete to win some cool prizes


Join now and instead of paying the initiation fee of $99 today and $39 each month thereafter, you pay just $29 today and if you decide to remain a member, you will automatically be rebilled at the discounted rate of $29 every month. Easily cancel at anytime by sending an email to support@powerdojo.com.

If you’re still reading this, I’ve got something that might come off a bit harsh to say to you…


Stop endlessly pondering, and TAKE ACTION.

With everything you’re getting when you become a powerDOJO member today this truly is the easiest decision of your life.

Less than a buck a day to have me as your Coach?

That’s a damn good bargain!

If you’ve got cable TV, you’re telling me sitting on your ass watching the boob tube is more important than getting in top fight shape.

So get off your ass, pick an option below and join.


It’s time to take action, take control and create the life you want:

Join now and instead of paying the initiation fee of $99 today and $39 each month thereafter, you pay just $29 today and if you decide to remain a member, you will automatically be rebilled at the discounted rate of $29 every month. Easily cancel at anytime by sending an email to support@powerdojo.com.

Structure is a huge benefit. I like how this takes someone from various experience and fitness levels and builds us in a standardized, yet also personalized way.

The community is huge, as it gives a great perspective on personal progress and motivation to push yourself.

My personal progress has been awesome.

My physical prime was back in high school over a decade ago. Since then, i have let myself slip. In the DOJO I have not only caught back up, but am surpassing that level of strength and performance.

powerDOJO has helped me develop the consistency and commitment to constant improvement through the community and tools such as the workout tracker.

Tim Parisi
Meza, AZ, USA

I’m just beginning my workouts, but so far I have noticed that I am more motivated to workout because I feel like I am actually doing something instead of just going to the weight room & throwing a few weights around.

I like the instructional videos most in powerDOJO.

I recommend powerDOJO to anybody that is serious about getting in shape. powerDOJO is well worth the money.

Jerry K, 56 years old
Arizona, USA

I’ve experienced increased strength, size and stamina & lots of fun.

I love the WoM and the Forum.

I recommend anyone who wants to have fun, but effective workouts and would like to be part of a fantastic community that can help you push over your limits to join powerDOJO.

There’s lots of info available and Eric will answer any question promptly.

I also just want to stress how awesome the community in pD is.

Riccardo V
Dublin, Ireland