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Discover The 3D Flexibility System And How It
Helps You Achieve LASTING Flexibility Gains

The Hip Flexibility Solution is based on the powerful 3D Flexibility System, which is a system I've developed to ensure you're addressing all of the factors necessary to making LASTING flexibility gains.

There are 9 different factors to address and if you're missing any, you may not achieve the results you're after.

Click the icons below to learn more about each of the 9 flexibility factors:

Soft Tissue Factor #1: Muscle

Muscle is what most people think about when thinking about flexibility, but as you’ve discovered, it’s just one component that must be addressed. Plus, most people miss strentching all of the fibers in any muscle group, which you’ll discover how to do properly in the program.

Soft Tissue Factor #2: Fascia

Fascia is the connective tissue between muscle fibers that keeps your muscles organized. Unfortunately, it can develop adhesions and scar tissue and these restrictions must be eliminated to achieve maximal flexibility.

Soft Tissue Factor #3: Joint Capsule

As you’ve discovered on this page, the joint capsule is responsible for 47% of restriction to your flexibility. If you don’t address it, you’re never going to be as flexible as you could be.

Neuromuscular Factor #1: Control

The ability to consciously feel, activate and relax the muscles in your body plays a huge role in your ability to develop both flexibility and strength.

Neuromuscular Factor #2: Reflexes

Your body has various reflexes that must be accounted for when your goal is to improve your flexibility: the myotatic stretch reflex and reciprocal inhibition, which you’ll learn in the program.

Neuromuscular Factor #3: Pain Tolerance

While you never want to do anything painful that could cause damage or injury, a certain level of pain tolerance must be achieved to gain flexibility, just like when trying to gain strength or muscle and having to push through exercises when they become difficult.

Strength Factor #1: Joint Stabilizer

Without proper joint stabilizer function, your body will instinctively tighten up muscles around the joint so that they don’t become damaged.

Strength Factor #2: Core

For many people, the core muscles, which include the abdominals and deep back muscles, don’t work properly. Unfortunately, this leads to compensatory tightness in other muscles that protect the lumbar spine, including hip muscles such as the psoas and glutes. That’s why you must get each and every core muscle firing and working as designed.

Strength Factor #3: Prime Mover

The prime movers are the muscles that move you in to and out of a range of motion. Without strength in these muscles, you cannot use whatever range of motion you gain through methods like static stretching, which is why these methods are an ineffective solution to your flexibility problems.

Get The 6 Powerful Hip Flexibility Solution
Routines To Unlock Your Tight Hips
In Just 20 Minutes Per Day

bioenergetics#1. The HFS Bioenergetics Routine

The Bioenergetics routine helps you to release the tight muscles that restrict breathing, allowing your diaphragm to function properly and helping you release other muscles that co-contract when the diaphragm is restricted.

This routine also allows you to develop greater neuromuscular control of other muscles through a better mind-body connection that comes with being able to move your body into a parasympathetic (relaxed) state through proper breathing.


kneeling#2. The HFS Kneeling Routine

This may be the most powerful routine in the program. In fact, doing just this routine, one of my athletes could kick 7 inches higher after just 2 weeks!

You’ll go through 4 exercise sequences building strength in every possible range of hip motion while simultaneously releasing the tightness in your joint capsule and developing control of deep muscles that are often asleep.


standing#3. The HFS Standing Routine

Just like with strength and power, flexibility is movement and position specific so if you want to gain flexibility you can use, it’s important to build it in all different positions.

In this routine, you’ll build specific flexibility, mobility and strength in the standing position, helping you transfer the gains you make to any exercise, sport or movement you do on your feet.


core#4. The HFS Core Routine

As you’ll discover inside the program, a properly functioning core is a requirement for maximum hip flexibility because without deep core muscles that work, your hip muscles have to pick up the slack and become tight.

The 5 core exercises in this program are the most effective at waking up your sleepy core and training an important concept called “dissociation” so you can protect your lumbar spine while moving your hips freely.


mobility#5. The HFS Advanced Mobility Routine

You might already be doing dynamic mobility exercises as part of your weight training or sport -warmup, but these 5 advanced dynamic mobility exercises are designed specifically to target the muscles of your hips in a way that most standard exercises don’t, incorporating speed, rotation and stability to ensure your hips are ready for whatever you’re about to throw at them.

Master these exercises and you'll be able to perform any movement with fluidity and precision.


asmr#6. The HFS Active SMR Routine

SMR, or self-myofascial release, is a popular technique used by many athletes and exercisers to ensure their muscles and fascia are free from adhesions and scar tissue…

However, using by using the one simple tweak you’ll discover inside the program, you’ll take you’ll DOUBLE the IMPACT of your efforts and get expert therapist level results… all by yourself and for FREE!

And if you’re not doing any form of SMR or foam rolling right now, don’t fret, I’ll guide you by the hand through a beginner’s routine before we ramp you up to the next level and Active SMR.

The Hip Flexibility Solution
Is NOT For Everyone

I have to be brutally honest with you and give you this friendly warning so you don’t waste your time and money…


You see, the Hip Flexibility Solution is not the same old stretching program your grandfather might’ve done…

Although after following the simple, step-by-step plan you’ll get powerful results in just 7 short days from now, it definitely won’t be EASY.

If you’re too lazy to invest the time to learn the techniques and set aside the 15-20 minutes a day to do the routines, this program is simply NOT for you.

And to get the rapid results promised, you’ll need to pay attention to the details of the techniques shown in the manuals and videos and put in some effort.

So if you’re a motivated person and you’re ready to put the work in, the Hip Flexibility Solution will give you everything you want. And more.

So whether you’re looking to SQUAT and DEADLIFT heavy without pain... ELIMINATE chronic HIP, KNEE and BACK pain that keeps you feeling 20 years older than you are… Throw high and fast head KICKS… RUN like the wind because your hips aren’t holding you back…

... and feel LOOSER and more FREE than you did in your prime, then this program is FOR YOU.



Then take a look at everything you’re getting:

Hip Flexibility Solution Master ManualHip Flexibility Solution

After an hour with this manual, you’ll understand everything you need to know about your hips, what makes them tight and what to do to release them.

I believe that understanding leads to application which is why I’ve invested many hours and sleepless nights crafting this manual so that it’s easy to understand and gives you the knowledge that 95% of personal trainers don’t know.


Hip Flexibility Solution Technique ManualHip Flexibility Solution

Here you’ll be coached on what, when and how to implement each of the 6 routines to achieve rapid and lasting gains in your hip flexibility.

Exercise instructions are outlined in easy to follow bullet points accompanied by high quality pictures so you do everything with proper form and get the best results possible.

You’ll also discover the exact factors that each exercise addresses, so you know precisely why each exercise has been included the program.


Hip Flexibility Solution Program CheatsheetsHip Flexibility Solution

After a week or two, you’ll be in the groove and you can keep these handy 1 page cheatsheets created for each of the 6 routines in your car, at the office or in your back pocket, so when it’s time to do your routines, you know the correct order and have the important technical details to help you do everything right.


Hip Flexibility Solution


Access to over 1.5 hours of high quality instructional streaming videos are included where I leave no stone unturned and show you every exercise in excruciating detail that will satisfy even the most keen athletes and exercisers. Study the videos and you’ll quickly master each of the exercises that make up the 6 Hip Flexibility Solution routines.



Hip Flexibility Solution

Each and every exercise is available to you to download in both HD and mobile-friendly SD formats so you can save the videos to your laptop, smartphone or tablet to take with wherever and whenever you want so you can follow along and do the exercises and routines properly with me by your side.

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