Address this FIRST to Avoid Injury [Video #2]

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Additional Notes

1. Written Postural Super Stretch Instructions


Look pretty damn similar to me!

“Every human being is as unique as a snowflake.”

That analogy sucks – because every snowflake looks the same to me…

OK here’s what I was trying to say:

People are different in almost every way. Including how they like to learn.

Some people like to learn by watching.

For example, I like to learn about the intricacies of the (young) female bosom by observing young female bosom’s as much as possible.

But just ‘cuz I like it doesn’t mean you like it. Oh no…

You, on the other hand, may prefer to learn about something completely opposite to me, i.e. male genitalia.

Not to mention, you might also prefer to read about it and use your imagination to PICTURE various penii dancing in your mind’s eye as opposed to actually seeing them live.

Whatever floats your boat, man.

Don’t matter to me.

But if you are the latter (don’t be ashamed), here are some instructions for the Postural Super Stretch that I taught in the video that might help you grasp it better.

    1. SETUP: Stand in good posture between the uprights of a Power Rack or in a doorway: weight balanced on your feet, shoulders down and back, chin tucked, up tall, relaxed. 
    2. Open your chest up and externally rotate your arms like you’re a Brazilian forward receiving a long pass on your chest. If you can picture that you ROCK, btw. Basically, palms up, chest out.
    3. STRETCH: Step forward and touch your hand or arm on the uprights. Keep going until you feel a gentle stretch but don’t go too far and compromise your good posture. The most common faults are jutting the chin forward and hyperextending the lumbar spine.
    4. Hold it there and take 2-3 slow, deep breaths, doing your best to expand your ribcage.
    5. AGONIST CONTRACT: Then, slightly internally rotate your arms until you’re in the thumbs up position.
    6. Contract your chest muscles like you’re trying to pull the uprights forward. Keep your elbows straight. Hold for 5 secs and breathe normally.
    7. STRETCH: Then, relax, open your chest and arms back up and step forward slightly. You should be able to go a bit farther into the stretch now.
    8. Hold it there for 2-3 slow, deep breaths, doing your best to expand your ribcage.
    9. ANTAGONIST CONTRACT: Then, pinch your shoulder blades together down and back and try to actively pull your arms away from the frames so you’re not touching them. Hold it here and if you must, step back slightly so your arms are actually off the uprights.
    10. REPEAT Steps 3-9 for a total of 3 cycles.

Oh and if you were picturing me with my shorts off, I’ll have you know I’m at least 2-3 times bigger than that, you racist prick.


2. The FOUNDATION Program

Getting stronger and more powerful will only magnify a muscle imbalance and failure to address it will (eventually) result in an injury.

Nothing will impede your results worse than not being able to train for weeks or months due to an injury.

Poor posture also decreases the efficiency and fluidity of your movement, causing you to use muscles not suited for the job, waste energy, thus limiting your expression of strength, power and speed. Not to mention your gains.

bruceThe master, Bruce Lee, addressed this concept in ‘Tao of Jeet Kune Do’:

“Energy saved by sound mechanics of form can be utilized in the longer persistence or the more forceful expression of the skill.”

[There’s another book that is a MUST read, if you haven’t gotten to it yet]

If you’ve got poor posture or muscle imbalances, sound mechanics of form are virtually impossible to execute.

I’m pretty sure it’s clear that addressing muscle imbalances and posture is how you build your body’s foundation.

Now the question remains, “How?”


Enter the FOUNDATION Program.

The program consists of 3 components:

  1. Muscle imbalance and posture assessment
  2. Corrective stretches to lengthen tight muscles and decrease tonic (facilitated) muscles
  3. Corrective exercises to strengthen weak muscles and increase tone to inhibited muscles

For those with functional (neuromuscular) muscle imbalances, following this 3 step process will reverse the degenerative changes and restore an efficient, properly functioning neuromuscular system and help prevent injuries that are inevitable when training intensely for performance improvements.

For those with structural (skeletal) imbalances, which are often a result of functional imbalances left unchecked for too long, following these 3 steps will prevent further degeneration and might even reverse structural changes that have occurred, as long as you consistently address the issues and minimize the stresses that contribute to them and understand the basis for the prescriptions.

Because you don’t just affect posture for the hour or two you’re in the gym…

Postural changes are happening every second of every minute yadda yadda yadda.

The FOUNDATION Program includes a self-assessment where I guide you through the process of determining what muscles are tight and what muscles are loose.

Armed with this powerful information about the structural organization of your body, I’ll take you through a “Choose Your Own Adeventure” type of experience where you answer simple questions to determine exactly what stretches and exercises MUST be performed to reverse injury-potential-increasing postural defects. 

This is the first program you get if you get in when powerDOJO opens next week, because I want you to get started on the right foot.

I want to treat you just like I’d treat any of my clients, who pay me $100 per hour.

But it’s not gonna cost $100 per hour.

Not even close.

If you’re down, stay tuned.

More “golden nuggets” to come.




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7 years ago

Lol, you should call that exercise the “come at me, bro.” I mean, just look at it..

7 years ago

Yo Eric
Great information been on your mma s&c programme into my 3rd week started the full 16 week can feel my body changing
Feel more upright and tall,going to add the cage cardio on the days I am not strength training
Great job
Ps I can’t login to insider mma members please checkl

7 years ago

Hey I think Bruce was saying “Shut the @%$# up or I will smash you”

7 years ago

Great info again, Eric! This is a great sequence. I do something similar several times daily and it pays off!!!

7 years ago

Hi Eric, I know you focus on MMA and fighters,but you also talk about just general athletic fitness. I fall in the later category, but love your information and techniques, especially the bodyweight stuff! I am not sure if you are looking for fighters only, or the general public in the Power Dojo program? I also noticed that your program has weight progressions like a 1 rep max for a squat on the fitness stats entry form. Do you have movement progressions in calisthenics too! Like doing a certain number of pistols for a progression or is it weight load specific only? Please let me know as I am interested in your program, but not a gym rat or a fighter, and a girl to top it all off! Thanks and I wish you the best of luck, no matter what, you deserve it as you have put in the… Read more »

7 years ago
Reply to  Anastacia

Hi Anastacia – thanks for the question.

My next video will answer some of these questions and then you are free to ask again if it doesn’t answer them fully. 🙂

7 years ago

It’s like you combined the best of Joel jamieson, Elliot Hulse, and Paul check with this new powerdojo. I dig it man, looking foreward to the upcoming posts.

7 years ago
Reply to  Landon

That compliment is not taken lightly. Thank you very much Landon.

7 years ago

Hi Eric, you truly are a great and reliable source of information, as it happens I am at the moment following a program to correct lower cps at the moment based on the “Prague school”, just love it and believe me there is quite a lot to correct. I can recommend this to anyone even if you might think you don’t need this stuff. Keep it real!

John Kastner
7 years ago

So far this is spot on brother.