The Biomotor Abilities [Video #1]

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Additional Notes

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I’ve posted this first video publicly so everyone gets an idea of what’s to come in the following videos.

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2. Movement Patterns

For those of you who haven’t seen it, here’s the Movement Patterns video I mention in the video above:

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For those of you curious as to why this is on the powerDOJO site, it’s because all of the concepts I’ll be teaching you in this video series are what I’ve put into developing powerDOJO.

One example is the Video Vault, which is a library of the videos I’ve created that you can use to find new exercises, exercise substitutions, instructional videos or workouts, which is organized by movement pattern, equipment or you can simply search through the entire database. Here’s a screenshot:

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3. Biomotor Abilities

Another example of a feature of powerDOJO related to the streamlined BMAs you learned about in today’s video is the powerDOJO Fitness Profile. Here’s an example of a user currently at the Yellow Belt level:


Example of the powerDOJO Fitness Profile in action.


Basically, you enter your stats in the powerDOJO Fitness Assessment, which includes different tests depending on what Belt Level you are and you get your customized fitness profile, like the one shown above.

As you can see, his Strength levels are quite high but Cardio and RSE are relatively low, showing what areas of fitness he’d be better off focusing on.

You can also see that Agility and Power are not tested – this is because the user is still at the Yellow Belt stage and must develop the other abilities FIRST to train in the most efficient and scientific manner.

Basically I’ve created powerDOJO to make developing a complete, well-rounded level of fitness a whole lot easier.


4. Rating the Biomotor Abilities [PDF Download]

Below is a document that I whipped up that goes in a little more depth on the BMA concept. Right click to download (it’s free):

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7 years ago

Great summary of BMAs and MMA adaptation! Thanks for promoting Bompa and Chek 🙂 I always appreciate how you site the sources of your inspiration before going on to elaborate on your vision.