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What’s Inside powerDOJO?

The best way to show you what you get as a powerDOJO member is to take you through a DOJO tour, so watch the video below to see everything that you get unlimited, unrestricted use of in action:



In addition to everything outlined in the
video, when you join you’ll also get
access to the following 3 programs:



reGENESIS: Phase 1 is the current WoM and is designed to develop a rarely trained quality – Pulling velocity. This increases punching power, submission power and is also a primer for the Muscleup, which I’ll be teaching all Kyoudai how to do in the coming months. Join now and you’ll also get Phase 2 when July rolls around.

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Bodyweight Basics is designed for those with many muscular imbalances to work on. So if you find that you have a lot of dysfunctions to address via the FOUNDATION Program assessment, I recommend you begin with Bodyweight Basics to allow your body to focus on improving it’s posture and balance.

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Starting Strength 2.0 is based on Coach Mark Rippetoe’s classic strength training template, but I’ve updated it and added a few twists to fill some holes in the original version. It’s a good program to get back to basics and building strength in the Big 4 lifts and is a great place to start if strength is a weakness.


[content_box width=”80%”]There are other valuable bonuses you’ll receive in your second month of membership, which you’ll discover when you get inside…[/content_box]


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What Are Others Saying About powerDOJO?

[two_columns_1][features_box_azure_blue width=”94%” + border=”2px”]Structure is a huge benefit. I like how this takes someone from various experience and fitness levels and builds us in a standardized, yet also personalized way.

The community is huge, as it gives a great perspective on personal progress and motivation to push yourself. The collection of knowledge within the group is massive and the support is incredible.

I recommend powerDOJO to anyone that is involved in a combat sport and looking to take their strength and conditioning to the next level.

My personal progress has been awesome. My physical prime was back in high school over a decade ago. Since then, i have let myself slip. In the DOJO I have not only caught back up, but am surpassing that level of strength and performance.

powerDOJO has helped me develop the consistency and commitment to constant improvement through the community and tools such as the workout tracker and lifestyle experiments.


Tim Parisi
Age: 29
Location: Meza, AZ, USA
Occupation: Desk Jockey
Sports/Hobbies: Taekwondo, Kickboxing, Hapkido
Blog:[/features_box_azure_blue][features_box_azure_blue width=”94%” + border=”2px”]I’ve experienced increased strength, size and stamina & lots of fun.

I love the new WoM and the Forum.

I recommend anyone who wants to have fun, but effective workouts and would like to be part of a fantastic community that can help you push over your limits to join powerDOJO.

There’s lots of info available and Eric will answer any question promptly.

I also just want to stress how awesome the community in pD is.

Riccardo V.
Age: 43
Location: Dublin, Ireland
Sports/Hobbies: Judo[/features_box_azure_blue][/two_columns_1] [two_columns_2][features_box_azure_blue width=”64%” + border=”2px”]I’m just beginning my workouts, but so far I have noticed that I am more motivated to workout because I feel like I am actually doing something instead of just going to the weight room & throwing a few weights around.

I like the instructional videos most in powerDOJO.

I recommend powerDOJO to anybody that is serious about getting in shape, especially those that practice any form of Martial Arts and think that powerDOJO is well worth the money.

Jerry K.
Age: 56
Location: Arizona, USA
Occupation: Massage Therapist
Sports/Hobbies: Trail Running, TRX[/features_box_azure_blue]

[features_box_azure_blue width=”64%” + border=”2px”]

I’ve made concrete measureable gains in strength and conditioning by using the workout tools that come with membership.

I love the new, varied and challenging workouts to complement by BJJ/boxing training regime that keep this element of my physical training interesting. The forum that allows me to tap into the experience of like-minded individuals when confronted with any kind of training quandary.

I recommend powerDOJO to anyone seeking to both develop the breadth and depth of their own knowledge of strength and conditioning personally, as well as fight aficionados such as myself. It’s a definite value for money.

Age: 36
Location: Asia
Job: Bureaucrat
Sports/Hobbies: BJJ, Boxing[/features_box_azure_blue][/two_columns_2]

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Finally, Before You Join, We Need To
Agree on a Few Important Details:

#1 – You MUST be open to learning and testing new concepts and ways of doing things. If you’re close-minded, uncoachable or stuck in the mindset that there’s only one way to do things, there’s no point joining as you’re going to continue to do the same things you’ve always done, anyway.

#2 – You MUST have a long-term mindset. This is not a quick-fix program; it’s not a ‘program’ at all, in fact, but a system that will allow you to continually build your fitness while maintaining any gains you do make, month in, month out. But it only works if you commit to it for the long haul, which is why I’ve set the price as it is.

When you get your Purple belt in Karate, you don’t lose all the skills you learned getting your Blue belt – you build upon what you learned. But in fitness this often happens – you’ll build some muscle but gain fat at the same time. Or lose fat but also lose strength and muscle.

#3 – Finally, you MUST give back to the community. This is how specific styles of martial arts have survived for thousands of years – students become teachers and instructed those below them.

Become a Member of the powerDOJO Kyoudai TODAY

One of my secrets is my understanding that the best way to learn something is to teach it and by helping others and giving back to the community, you’ll accelerate your learning and internalize the concepts and strategies so they become a part of your DNA.

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Now, there are a lot of fitness membership sites around. They range in price from $19.95 to $39.95.

But I haven’t seen any other site offer the flexible structure that I’ve created with the custom software combined with the training methods I’ve been refining as a trainer to pro MMA fighters you get as a powerDOJO member.

Because of the unique features of powerDOJO, I could easily justify charging (and getting) $39.95 if I were to go by the going rate.

In fact, I plan on increasing the price the next time I open the doors…

But right now, I want to make it easy for you to join by keeping the price as low as possible.

Here’s why:

First, I don’t care about what others are doing. I never have.

When one of my mentors told me to focus on fat loss and abs because the MMA market is so small, I said, “Screw that – I love training fighters, that’s what I’m going to do.”

It worked out for me. I could’ve made a lot more money going the other way, but life isn’t all about money.

As well, I want to show my sincere appreciation for anyone who trusts me enough to join me here at the very beginning of my new journey and passion to help others achieve a life of POWER.

But the main reason I’ve chosen this price is because I want you to be able to spend the time needed to award you your powerDOJO Black Belt.

Now I can’t guarantee you’ll become a Black Belt.

But I can guarantee that if you direct time and energy towards this clear goal, you’ll get a lot farther in your fitness and health than ever before (at least a Purple Belt, maybe a Brown Belt) because now, you’ll have clear goals AND a blueprint to get there.

I think by settling on the price that I have, you’ll be able to spend the time needed training with me to get the most out of powerDOJO.

Bottom line – to be a member, all it will run you is the cost of one dinner out at a restaurant each month.

So if you’re truly ready to start down the path towards reaching your potential, not just in your fitness but in all areas of your life, become a member of the powerDOJO Kyoudai today:


Sorry, registration for powerDOJO is currently closed.

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[order_box_2 width=”60%” + border=”4px”]Finally, over and above the easy, no-strings-attached cancellation policy, if you’re simply unhappy with your powerDOJO membership, you can also ask me for your money-back.

I want to make sure you’re happy and if you just want to give it a shot and check it out, then this rock-solid guarantee has got you covered.

You’ve got absolutely ZERO risk to give powerDOJO a try today, so why not go for it?[/order_box_2]