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cover-btbThe Behind The Back Routine

Trouble touching your hands behind your back indicates a restriction in many areas in the shoulder as well as active strength and control.

This routine will have you touching your hands behind your back in no time by releasing the restricted tissues and building functional strength in the appropriate movements.

cover-fhpThe Forward Head Posture Routine

Every inch your head juts forward adds 10 pounds of force onto your cervical spine, speeding degeneration and causing excess neck and jaw tension and even headaches.

Performing this routine will restore the proper neutral head position keeping your neck healthy.

cover-ovhThe Overhead Routine

When you have flexibility issues reaching overhead, you're at a high risk of suffering tendonitis of the deltoids and nerve impingements.

Restoring this range of motion requires addressing not just the shoulder but also the thoracic spine, as well as ensuring the core properly activates.

cover-roundedThe Rounded Shoulders Routine

Rounded shoulders are a common occurrence in today's society because of all of the time we spend sitting while driving, in front of computers and staring at our phones, leaving us at risk of degenerative disc and decreased strength and flexibility.

Fixing this posture requires a synergistic approach of lengthening and strengthening so that neutral posture becomes your new norm.

cover-wingedThe Winged Scapula Routine

A winged scapula indicates an unstable shoulder blade, which decreases your strength and leaves you at risk of injury.

Properly activating and integrating both the serratus anterior and subscapularis is key to fixing this problem.

cover-preThe Pre-Workout Shoulder Prep

This routine is designed to maximize the mobility of your shoulder and ensure all of the stabilizer muscles of your shoulder are activated and ready to keep your shoulder safe during the most intense workouts.

When you perform this routine before your workouts, you'll lift more with less effort and quickly hit new PRs.

Each routine includes a PDF outlining the exact exercises, reps, sets and rest periods, as well as high quality streaming and downloadable videos where I’ll coach you on how to perform every exercise with perfect technique.

cover-imp-guideYou also get the Implementation Guide which will walk you through assessing your current shoulder flexibility and function and tell you exactly what routines you need now and what routines you should hold off on for now to ensure you're getting the most bang for your training buck.


And that’s not all, because during this launch special, you’re also getting two additional BONUS routines to make sure your shoulders are in top-top shape and stay that way no matter your occupation or how hard you train:

The Shoulder REGEN Routine

This is a super powerful top-secret routine that I use with my professional fighters to quickly heal their banged up shoulders to make sure they don't miss any training time.

You'll be tapping into the power of the energy systems and stimulating growth hormone while simultaneously building muscular endurance and old injuries and scar tissues will soon be a distant memory.

cover-rot-cuffThe Rotator Cuff Hardening Routine

Rotator cuff issues are very common because most people (including many trainers and therapists) don't know the true function of the rotator cuff, which inevitably makes them prescribe programs for the rotator cuff that are insufficient.

This routine on the other hand includes everything you need to ensure your rotator cuff does its job and doesn't keep you on the injured list.

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