Origin Story

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I wrote this while on vacation in Barcelona in August. This is what initially got me started down the path I’ve been on the last few months. I thought it important to share the story of the birth of this ‘secret project’, so here we are. Thanks for taking the time to read it. – Eric

“Why don’t you lead?”

I said this to someone in a dream. And this is what finally got me started on something I’ve had pages and pages of notes about for years, but never made happen, even though I knew it would be game-changing.

In his book, “The War of Art,” author Steven Pressfield talks about dreams. Not about your goals or vision for your life (those too), but about what happens when you put head to pillow and nod off. He says that if you ask yourself difficult questions before bed, the answers can come to you in your dreams.

After reading this book, I simply thought about my questions before bed and answers have been coming to me in dreams. Last night though, in a Barcelona hotel, I had one that gave me a kick in the pants.

As you know, I’ve been asking myself about my mission and purpose in life and what path I should follow. What’s important to me and what I can bring that’s unique to the world. Do something different. Do something new.

But the answer never came to me…

Until I changed the question.

You see, I’m a practical dude. I try not to take myself too seriously. I like making fun of myself. You probably already know this about me.

So when I ask myself these serious questions about life purpose, I kind of get all, “Dude, just chill out. You may not have a higher calling. Don’t get all bent out of shape about it. Just do your best.”

And I think I’m not alone in feeling like this when thinking about life purpose.

But one day, I got kinda frustrated about not having the answer, despite spending so much energy on the question.

So I changed the question.

Instead of thinking of my life’s mission and what I want to be known for at my funeral (a morbid way to think of life taught by Michael Gerber in his book e-Myth), I asked myself, “What could I bring to guys like me that would help them unlike anything else out there, and would be something I would truly be proud of creating?”

And after changing the question to this from the serious, grand old life purpose questions, I got the answer… in a DREAM.

Some of the details are foggy but the impact was clear.

Here’s my best recollection of the dream that started me down this path:

[content_box_light_blue width=”80%”]I was sitting at a table with 3 others. Somehow, I knew we were there as part of a grass roots movement that we all cared about, but was going nowhere.

We were all sitting there quietly, then I said to one of the others, “Why don’t you lead?”

Right before I said that, I looked at him and I saw… myself. It wasn’t a mirror image either, so it was kinda freaky.

Right after I said that, I switched into the person I said it to and the others immediately perked up and agreed. It was clear as day that this was the answer. I was to lead.

The next memory I have of the dream before my wife’s iPhone sonar alarm went off was basically a feeling that we had to get started ASAP.[/content_box_light_blue]

Do you ever have vivid dreams where after you wake up, you lay in bed trying to remember every detail?

This is what happened to me.

I wanted to remember everything because I felt like it was an important dream even though I didn’t know what it meant, unlike those other dreams where beautiful woman after beautiful woman propositions me. Well, those aren’t necessarily important. But damn they’re fun.

They’re kind of 90’s hot, but I can bring myself to overlook it.

So I lay in bed in a semi-conscious state doing my best to scribble everything down on the little hotel notepad.

For the rest of the vacation, I didn’t think any more about what it was I wanted to do. I just kept asking myself, “Why don’t you lead?”

The unconscious mind and your intuition are real and powerful, but only when we trust them.

The last intuitive experience I had was in October, 2010. My wife told me she felt uneasy one day when I left the house.

I can be specific about the date because that was the night I got rear-ended on the highway by a big minivan that hit me so hard it accelerated me and spun me 500°.

I made it out OK. I can’t say the same for my poor car. RIP.


In this case, I feel that this dream means something. It’s not normal for me to hold onto gut-feelings – I’m not a touch-feely type of guy. If we meet I’m down for a bro-hug but that’s as far as I’d like to take it.

One day, I felt like I was ready and I said to myself, “OK. Let’s do it. I’ll lead.”

But what was I going to lead?

I had no idea before I’d asked the question.

But once I made the decision, no, the commitment to lead, the different ideas that I’d had for years laying dormant in the dusty corners of my mind came exploding to the fore front and came together in a way that made me say, “YES! This is what I HAVE to do.”

And that’s the true story of how powerDOJO was born…


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