Here's What You're Getting:

  • A 4-phase, 16-week exercise program to BULLETPROOF your back - that requires around 40 minutes, 2-3 days per week.
  • 4 progressive Mobility and Developmental routines that will improve the way you move and wake up muscles that thought you forgot about them.
  • 16 easy flexibility, muscular balance, core function and postural tests that will show you EXACTLY what you need to work on to get your body back in balance.
  • Acute treatment options for the following conditions: sciatica, disc herniation, spondylolisthesis, stenosis (central and lateral), disc degneration and low back muscle sprain/strain.
  • The Master Manual that will teach you science and background behind the program.

Enter the Bulletproof Back System

Component #1: The Master Manual ($97 value)

This manual will cut through all of the myths and misconceptions that have been out there for years about back pain and get to the truth about what you need to know to get rid of back pain for good.

You'll learn key concepts related to spine health, anatomy and function of the spine and you'll discover exactly what you're doing wrong that you must stop and what to do to start the healing process.

Component #2: Assess & Address Guide
($147 value)

Here's where you'll go through a detailed questionnaire and battery of tests that will identify your condition and tell you the precise corrective measures to take to fix problems such as posture, muscular imbalances, flexibility, weakness and lack of endurance.

I charge $147 for a lifestyle history and physical assessment, so this is a real $147 value here.

Component #3: Training Guide ($320 value)

The Training Guide is composed of 4 distinct training phases that progress on one another so that you continue to develop your core strength and stability.

Each phase consists your Mobility and Developmental exercise program, which will teach you to recruit inhibited muscles, fix muscular imbalances, and increase flexibility and mobility, and your workouts, which will teach you proper movement patterns and bulletproof your back using advanced core stability training methods.

Component #4: Online Video Exercise Library
($147 value)

Each and every assessment, stretch and exercise was shot in HD and contains invaluable technique and form details and they're available to you online in high quality to watch, follow along with and refer back to over and over.

This is like getting 5 DVDs (1 assessment and corrective DVD and 4 workout DVDs)!

Component #5: Quick Start Guide ($29 value)

So you're ready to begin and you want to have 100% confidence that you're doing everything right.

This guide will help you do just that, making sure that you don't miss anything or do anything wrong and you get results as fast as possible.

And as a powerDOJO Kyoudai, you're getting Bulletproof Back for 40% which means today you're paying just $19.


And as always, you're backed by my
NO-HOLDS BARRED guarantee:


Here Are Some Results Others Have Experienced Using This Program

Youssef Went From Being Unable to Bend

Down To Being Able to Pick Up His Bride On

His Wedding Day And Get His Blue Belt In BJJ!

My name is Youssef Dimassi and I am a 25 year old currently working in Toronto as an IT professional. I live in Hamilton and commute on a daily basis using GO-Transit trains.

The 50min ride is very uncomfortable for my height, 6'2", which has put a lot of strain on my back during the past 5 years. The severity of my pain hit a climax when I couldn't bend down to pickup a simple object such as a chair or even a ball. It also affected my ability to complete Islamic prayers which require prostration.

I spoke with Eric and he seemed very knowledgeable and confident in regards to solutioning my problem short term and providing a long term strategy to effectively decrease/eliminate the pain.

After 2 months of work, I am now able to not only pray, comfortably sit on the train, and go about my day-to-day activities with no pain, but also have been doing free weight squats at the gym and getting great sleep.

I honestly never thought my back would be this strong and painless again and I look forward to picking up my bride on my wedding day :)

You're a life saver Eric!


Youssef Dimassi