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As a member, you’re getting all of the features unique to powerDOJO: the Belt System, the Fitness Profile, and what it means to be a member of the powerDOJO Kyoudai.

You’re also getting:

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  • The Nutrition-itsu DOJO: you may have read my Nutrition-itsu book, but I’ve created a new model of teaching that will further simplify and improve your ‘way of eating’; you’ll be guided through modules while also being tested on your knowledge to further integrate beneficial eating habits into your life
  • The Lifestyle DOJO: this is where some serious masterminding will occur – we’re going to share our best tips and strategies to improving areas of lifestyle including productivity, business, relationships, FUN – you name it – anything in your life that you want to improve is fair game
  • The Philosophy DOJO: this is where I’ll share some of my insights and thoughts on mindset and philosophy that you can take and adapt as you see fit
  • The powerDOJO WoM: this is a conditioning workout of the month that will let you have a little fun and competition with your fellow Kyoudai and keep your body’s adaptability high…
  • The private powerDOJO Forum: share your results with LIKE-MINDED individuals who value learning and growth as much as you as opposed to ignorant little 13 year old brats you’ll find so often in other forums online
  • And much more…[/red_tick_list]

Oh and don’t forget, you’re also getting access to the FOUNDATION program for FREE ($39.95 value), which will fix your posture and muscular imbalances to give you a strong base from which to build. And build. And BUILD!

But before you can join, I need your agreement on a few things:

#1 – You MUST be open to learning and testing new concepts and ways of doing things. If you’re close-minded, uncoachable or stuck in the mindset that there’s only one way to do things, there’s no point joining as you’re going to continue to do the same things you’ve always done, anyway.

#2 – You MUST have a long-term mindset. This is not a quick-fix program; it’s not a ‘program’ at all, in fact, but a system that will allow you to continually build your fitness while maintaining any gains you do make, month in, month out. But it only works if you commit to it for the long haul, which is why I’ve set the price as it is.

When you get your Purple belt in Karate, you don’t lose all the skills you learned getting your Blue belt – you build upon what you learned. But in fitness this often happens – you’ll build some muscle but gain fat at the same time. Or lose fat but also lose strength and muscle.

#3 – Finally, you MUST give back to the community. This is how specific styles of martial arts have survived for thousands of years – students become teachers and instructed those below them.

Become a Member of the Founding Kyoudai Today

One of my secrets is my understanding that the best way to learn something is to teach it and by helping others and giving back to the community, you’ll accelerate your learning and internalize the concepts and strategies so they become a part of your DNA.

If you agree to these 3 points, then please continue…

Now, there are a lot of fitness membership sites around. They range in price from $19.95 to $39.95.

But I haven’t seen any other site offer the flexible structure that I’ve created with the custom software combined with the training methods I’ve been refining as a trainer to pro MMA fighters you get as a powerDOJO member.

Usually, all you get is a random workout of the month and some random articles to keep you occupied, but with no thought behind them in terms of application.

Because of the unique features of powerDOJO, I could easily justify charging  $39.95 if I were to go by the going rate.

But you know what, I’m not going to… Here’s why…

Well first, because I don’t care about what others are doing. I never have.

When one of my mentors told me to focus on fat loss and abs because the MMA market is so small, I said, “Screw that – I love training fighters, that’s what I’m going to do.”

It worked out for me. I could’ve made a lot more money going the other way, but life isn’t all about money.

As well, I want to show my sincere appreciation for anyone who trusts me enough to join me here at the very beginning of my new journey and passion to help others achieve a life of POWER.

But the main reason I’ve chosen this price is because I want you to be able to spend the time needed to award you your powerDOJO Black Belt.

Now I can’t guarantee you’ll become a Black Belt. But I can guarantee that if you direct time and energy towards this clear goal, you’ll get a lot farther in your fitness and health than ever before (at least a Purple Belt, maybe a Brown Belt) because now, you’ll have clear goals AND a blueprint to get there.

I think by settling on the price that I have, you’ll be able to spend the time needed training with me to get the most out of powerDOJO.

Bottom line – to be a member, all it will run you is the cost of a t-shirt, and I’m not talking those fancy Affliction shirts with the skulls and daggers, but a standard cotton Nike shirt you can get at your local sporting goods store.

So if you’re truly ready to start down the path towards reaching your potential, not just in your fitness but in all areas of your life, you can become a member of the powerDOJO Founding Kyoudai today:

Sorry, registration for powerDOJO is currently closed.

Join the VIP

If you choose to continue as a powerDOJO member, you will be locked in at this special ‘Founding Kyoudai’ rate of only $39.95 $19.95, billed automatically every 30 days after.

If anything comes up, you can cancel anytime by sending me an email at support (at) ericwongmma [dot] com. Easy peasy.

As always, thanks for listening, and I can’t wait to see you inside powerDOJO.




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Put me down as one of the guys that wants to know more about how u get your workouts and how they are tailored to an individual. If the main attraction is organization, assesment and goal setting then its a tough sell. How, when and what to train is most important. The stuff is more icing on the cake.


How, when and what to train is based on assessment and goal setting – that’s the MISSING LINK in most training… But yeah, I hear ya – I’m just finishing up an article on training.


Hey Eric , love your work mate and I’m signing up no doubt but would just like to know, is this a weights based thing?complete mma style thing? I guess what I’m asking is , do you have an example of a work out for us to chew on ? I totally love the functional fitness training but I hate doing one motion weights like bench press etc, they build strength blah blah blah but man they put me to sleep!


Full post coming to give you details about the training…


Quick question….so are there workouts (daily) a program to follow with this or is it just a set of assessment tools…..Like will I be able to go here and get my daily workouts and such ???


You will get your workouts for sure… Perhaps I didn’t explain that part of it all! I will make a post all about the TRAINING Aspect of things to answer your question and Tony’s (above).


Hey eric i admit I dont like monthly subscriptions but I like your programs and I have been improving ever since i started on them
I think you are an smart ass business man too lol so im al ready in mate i signed in on this exciting project i think with the tools in there im going to be even better and the money will makes me put even more effort so its money well spent hahaha see you in the DOJO.


Thanks for your trust Jose – I promise it will not go unrewarded. 🙂


I have a question. Is this going to be like an online thing?


Yes, it is an online thing.

I’m not sure what else it could be?