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On this page only, those who qualify have the opportunity to activate a 30 day powerDOJO Inner Circle Membership for only $5, where I will personally coach you to achieve your most powerful body ever.

Remember, my mission is to help my 100,000 Practitioners Move With Power, which means being Mobile, Strong, Powerful and Conditioned.


To do this, I created the Inner Circle. Although hundreds of men are now investing $67 per month for access - because you’re an action taker – and I want to guarantee your success – you’re getting your first 30 days of membership for just $5.

PLUS, you’re also eligible to secure a reduced monthly membership rate of only $39 after the end of your first month.

However, to ensure that my Inner Circle only has "the best of the best", this opportunity is only available to you on this page and only if you qualify.

Introducing the powerDOJO Inner Circle

Think of one of your favourite current athletes…

Maybe it’s a UFC fighter, golfer, football player, swimmer, baseball pitcher, track and field star – it doesn’t matter – just think about how this athlete got to where they are.


It’s true that many of the top athletes in the world are genetically gifted.

But there’s one absolutely necessary component that often gets forgotten – their team.

Each and every top athlete today has a team that includes coaches for every aspect of their sport as well as mindset and strength and conditioning, physical and massage therapists and even their closest supporters whether it’s family or childhood friends who have been with them through thick and thin.

One of the biggest problems proven to limit your success is going it alone without a team that’s got your back.

mastermindHowever, as a part of the Inner Circle, you’re surrounded by a supportive, positive and powerful team who will do whatever they can to help you achieve your goals inside what we call "The Mastermind".

And inside The Mastermind is the only place where I’m available to answer your questions and provide coaching.

For example, I can help you customize one of my Premium Programs for your particular situation, give you exercise substitutions, provide a program for coming back from an injury and be there to make sure you’re on track.

I currently only provide 1-on-1 coaching to pro or national level athletes, so take advantage of my coaching in the Inner Circle while you can because this could make or break achieving your goals.

At the end of the day, even if you just need my confirmation to give you the confidence that you’re doing the right things, this is a huge benefit and worth its weight in gold.

PLUS, here’s what else you get each and every month as part of the powerDOJO Workout of the Month:

  • At least 2 new videos showing you ADVANCED mobility techniques for your shoulders and hips that will ensure you’re continually making gains in your flexibility and mobility to combat the effects of society and age that keep you stiff, tight and moving like you're 20 years older than they are
  • A 4-week periodized resistance training program incorporating a mix of weights and bodyweight training to build your strength, relative strength endurance and power that requires just 2 or 3 training days per week so you don't have to spend all your free time training leaving you with absolutely no excuse to build your most powerful body (Program manual and videos of every exercise included)
  • A progressive circuit workout based on my CAGE Cardio Scientific System of Conditioning that I developed for my pro MMA fighters that will get you in top fight shape and give you the type of conditioning that translates to every other sport and activity so you can fully participate without your fitness holding you back(PDF and videos included)
  • An Interval Training workout with exact the exact work:rest ratio, intensity and # of reps to do for top-notch cardiovascular fitness that compliments the CAGE Cardio and resistance training programs you're getting to ensure it doesn’t hinder your strength gains (a common mistake resulting in strength plateaus that’s not accounted for in most fitness programs)
  • The KUMITE where you’ll challenge yourself and your fellow members through a short but grueling workout with each month’s champ winning a prize - this is your opportunity to put your physical and mental fitness to the test in a fun and competitive way

That means each month, you're getting a complete blueprint with everything you need that will guide you to improved mobility, strength, power and conditioning.

There's absolutely ZERO guesswork - you've got everything laid out for you so all you've got to do is follow it.

You also get access to the following members-only features:

BeltSystem250Access to the Grading and Belt System where you can complete an assessment and perform the KATA to work your way from White to Black belt and unlock belt-specific workouts and training along the way.

video250The Video Vault where you can browse and search through over 900 videos of exercises, techniques and workouts giving you a library you’ll refer back to over and over.

Unlimited use of the Workout Tracker where you can track all of your workouts including sets, reps and weight and get graphs showing you all of the gains you’re making over time

Listen… all of the things we’ve covered are just the tip of the iceberg.

Today, you have the opportunity to secure 30 days of access to everything and more for just $5. And you’ll only start paying for your membership at a special discounted rate after 30 days, if you decide it’s right for you.

If you don’t want to continue after your membership, it’s easy to cancel with just one click inside the site.

Even if you stay a couple of extra months and then decide you’re not getting your money’s worth, you can ask for those months to be reimbursed since you’re protected with my 100% money back guarantee.

You’ll never risk a single penny of your hard-earned money to give the Inner Circle a fair shot.

Friendly WARNING:
Not Everyone Qualifies For My Inner Circle

If you've got fragile self-confidence, don't apply, because not everyone makes it inside.

I only want to personally work with those who are ready to take action and get serious results.

So if getting rejected is going to ruin your day, don't bother applying.

But if you want to join my team, don’t put this off.

Because as I mentioned, this special opportunity to secure 30 days of membership and reduced monthly dues is only available until all these spots are full — and only on this page.

This is your one shot to be part of a group committed to helping you become the most POWERFUL version of yourself.

Take action now and click the button below to see if you qualify to join my Inner Circle.


To your most POWERFUL body ever,

Eric Wong, BSc
powerDOJO Founder