Get Bigger and Stronger in 5 Weeks

When I first started working out at the tender age of 16, my main goal was to get bigger…

I was a skinny Chinese kid and my string-bean arms didn’t do much to attract the ladies or instill much self-confidence…

So I dedicated myself to pumping the iron and my first workout included 3 exercises: Bench Press, Bicep Curls and Skull Crushers performed 3 days per week lol!

It’s funny looking back on it now and even though it was a horribly imbalanced routine, it helped me put on some size and made me feel better about myself.

That’s the thing when you start working out – almost ANYTHING you do will result in gains in both strength and size.

But after a year or so of consistent lifting, you need to become a little more sophisticated in your training… especially if you want to continue making gains, keep your body healthy and avoid injuries.

I actually hit my plateau after about 4 months. No longer did this basic (and crappy) workout make me any bigger or stronger…

Good thing too because had I continued this routine for much longer, I’m sure I would’ve developed some horrible muscle imbalances.

So I did a little searching around and because I wanted to continue to get bigger, I opted to follow a standard bodybuilding split routine where you’d do 3 or 4 exercises per body part per day and train 5 days a week…

While I made some gains in strength and size on my lower body because all of the exercises were new, my upper body still stayed relatively the same, despite spending a lot more time working out…

PLUS, I was always tight and sore, which hurt my performance playing sports (I played competitive hockey and baseball growing up).

It wasn’t until years later when I was employed as a fitness instructor at the Ontario Police College (where new recruits go before they become full-time cops) and met a fellow instructor who was a pro bodybuilder who showed me a program that was in stark contrast to the typical bodybuilding advice you always hear that kickstarted my body and resulted in gains in both size AND strength… plus, I got leaner, too!

So I’ve taken this program and fine-tuned it based on the knowledge I’ve gained training professional fighters in the years since to create the 5-week Hyper Strength program that stands before you today…

The main goals of the Hyper Strength program are:

  • Build maximal strength in the big compound lifts – Squat, Deadlift, Bench Press and Overhead Press
  • Gain 2-3 pounds of rock-solid muscle mass distributed evenly throughout your body
  • Keep training time to a MINIMUM to eliminate missed workouts (and excuses)

So I’ve taken this program and fine-tuned it based on the knowledge I’ve gained training professional fighters in the years since to create the 5-week Hyper Strength program that stands before you today…

You see, in spending the past 7 years training professional mixed martial artists, one skill I’ve dedicated myself to mastering is creating EFFICIENT and EFFECTIVE programs.

MMA fighters have to be on the mats developing their martial arts skills and sparring at least 4-5 days per week, often multiple times per day, so they literally have no time to waste in the gym following inefficient workouts…

It’s with this philosophy of efficiency in mind that I’ve created the 5-week Hyper Strength program…

It requires 3 strength workouts per week, with each workout taking well under an hour to complete, including your dynamic warmup.

Here are the key points of the Hyper Strength program that will have you bigger and stronger in just 5 weeks from today:

  • You’ll discover the optimal # of sets and reps for the Squat, Deadlift, Bench Press and Overhead Press… Hint: each exercise has a different prescription and isn’t some blanket set/rep scheme that doesn’t take into account the differences in the exercises!
  • How to train the full body each workout without overtraining based on movement patterns, not muscles…
  • How to best pair the compound lifts so you don’t drain your nervous system and you get the most out of each exercise and ensure weekly gains in strength…
  • An exact, step-by-step program where you’ll get results without being too sore, stiff or tired to effectively train or play a sport like MMA
  • A killer core tri-set that will improve your core strength in athletic movement patterns, boosting your power in techniques like punching, kicking and any rotational movement…

So, if in 5 weeks you want to gain both size AND strength and do it following an efficient 3 day per week program that’ll have you in and out of the gym in under an hour, I invite you to grab the 5-week Hyper Strength program today for only $7!

Grab Hyper Strength Today For Only $7


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