3-For-1 Special On My Most POPULAR Programs

With all of the sitting, driving and loafing around we do, we are getting TIGHT.

That's why my top-selling programs are the Hip Flexibility Solution and the Shoulder Flexibility Solution.

These routines are based on the 3D Flexibility System and will improve your flexibility and reduce pain with short 15 minute workouts.

The other issue that I hear about most often is low back pain.

That's why I created the Bulletproof Back program - to help you not only get out of pain, but also strengthen your low back and core so you don't have problems in the future.

Here's a bit of info about these programs in case you don't know about them yet:

The Hip Flexibility Solution
($67 value)

I developed this program to help myself and my athletes throw higher and more powerful kicks.

It's since been used by many to Squat deeper, decrease hip, knee and low back pain and feel loose, mobile and free.

I've even had a few accounts from users who told me they got better results in 2 weeks following this program than months of physiotherapy and chiro.

The Shoulder Flexibility Solution
($67 value)

After launching the Hip Flexibility Solution, I was asked by customers for a similar program but for the shoulders and this is the result.

Tight shoulders and poor posture can cause pain not only in the shoulders, but in the neck and can lead to headaches, nerve impingements and other annoying problems.

Release them and be able to do more with less pain with these efficient 15 minute routines.


Bulletproof Back
($47 value)


The back surgery I had when I was 14 caused years of pain, movement restriction and suffering that I learned to put up with until I discovered why my back kept going out in the first place.

This program is the result of my own personal journey to recover from recurring bouts of low back pain to not only be FREE from pain, but also confident doing whatever I want to do including MMA, playing hockey, surfing and any other way I can be physically active.

The real-world value of these 3 programs is $181...

But today only, because you showed me that you're an action-taker by investing in POWER, you're getting the Hip Flexibility Solution, Shoulder Flexibility Solution and Bulletproof Back for a one-time payment of only $67.

1-year-guaranteeIt's like investing in 1 program but getting 3!

And of course, you're fully backed by my 1 Year No-Holds Barred Guarantee, so if you find that these programs don't live up to your expectations, you've got 1 full year to get your money back.

That way there's zero risk to you right now so it makes sense to take advantage of this special one-time offer by clicking the Add to Order button below.

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